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Insurance Is Going Digital

Today's insurance marketplace isn't just highly competitive- it's highly digital. Successful agencies are becoming Digital Insurers to stay relevant, to drive better customer service and satisfaction, increase profitability,and build a strong future.

Explore advantages of becoming a Digital Insurer

Key Advantage

Leaders Sound Off

Guy Weismantel, Vice President of Marketing, Vertafore

Vertafore's VP of Marketing, Guy Weismantel, shares why it's vital for agencies to embrace the cloud, move from legacy systems, adopt a multichannel approach, and leverage connected tools and devices.

Preparing for a Digital Future

Why technology is an investment,not an expense

Agencies are discovering how investment in technology solutions can deliver agencies-wide benefits.Download this Infographic to learn how Vertafore solutions can help you increase you book of business without increasing staff,Improve security and accessibility,Increase customer satisfaction,and many more.

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Becoming a Digital Insurer

Welcome to the Digital Economy

In a generation, the insurance industry has changed more rapidly and profoundly than at any other time in our history. Modern communications and data technology have fundamentally altered the DNA of business operations, and the insurance industry is no exception.

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“Technology equals profitability. If you're not willing to make changes- and the investment-you won't be differentiated from your competition.”

Terry Tracy, EVP, Commercial Lines, Conner Strong & Buckelew

“You just can't be a successful, growing agency without the right technology.”

Todd McCredie - Principal - McCredie Insurance

“Our owners have always been committed to getting the most out of our technology. They understand that to do business in this market, you have to embrace change...”

Patty McQuade - VP/CIO - Moody Insurance Agency