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5 Ways Tablets Improve the Insurance Sales Landscape

Posted on September 16, 2015 by Guy Weismantel

 Digital Insurer Blog

With over one billion tablets in use worldwide, according to eMarketer, it’s obvious the devices have worked their way into both our personal and business lives. Straddling the line between a smartphone and a laptop, tablets are a relatively powerful device coupled with a mobile form factor. It's a natural option for the insurance industry, with remote sales teams, claim adjusters and other employees heading out from the office. A tablet's benefit, however, goes far beyond being just a handy computer.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

Your sales team needs reliable access to lead information if they're going to do their job efficiently. A CRM tool tracking the sales pipeline can provide the team with all of the lead information they need, from updates on existing leads to finding out whether other agents have been in contact with the lead. A tablet provides a large display for quick scanning of lead information. It also provides the mobile data needed in order to have constant access to the CRM.

Real-Time Data Updates

The paper-based system many insurance agencies and carriers use has a huge failing: a lack of real-time updates. Data can change in a flash, resulting in major changes to your sales strategy. If your field teams don't have any way of checking in and learning of updates, they are operating with outdated information and losing out on productivity. Cloud-based tablet and smartphone apps go through a centralized service. Your field teams have the same data your home office does, so your team can make changes on the fly as long as they have mobile data access.

Improving Brand Trust

For personal use, tablets and smartphones both essentially have access to the same functionality for cloud-based apps and other tools. When you are client facing, a tablet has a few major advantages over a smartphone. Many people perceive tablets as a luxury item compared to smartphones, helping to add to your sales team's professional appearance. A tablet also provides a polished way of presenting information to clients. As more millennials seek out insurance products, it's also important to convey a technology-literate impression.

Client Sign-ups

The client application is another area in which tablets shine for insurance sales. A sales person using printed out applications may lose the paperwork, fall afoul of information security requirements for sensitive information or simply not have measures in place to ensure privacy. Plus, it can be hard for older clients to read. With a tablet, you can easily adjust the text size and provide reassurance that the client's data is transmitted over secure servers.

On-Site Claim Processing

When clients need to file a claim, they want to do so quickly and efficiently. Adjusters equipped with tablets can handle everything from receiving claim information to taking pictures of damages. Instead of waiting to submit this information when they go back to the office, your adjusters can start the process right away to cut down on turnaround time.

Implementing mobile technology into your insurance sales and claims workflow helps your field teams work more efficiently and productively. Ultimately, tech-savvy clients are going to make notes of the insurance companies in the 21st century versus those using outdated tools.


Mr. Weismantel is the Vice President of Marketing at Vertafore. With 20 years of marketing and financial leadership in companies such as Microsoft, Business Objects, Baxter HealthCare, Caremark International, and Expedia, Guy’s career has focused on bringing differentiated products to market and providing the “compelling reason to purchase” for customers and prospects alike.

Guy has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame, and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.




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