AMS360 18R1 – New Features

AMS360 18R1 Overview


Proposal Builder

Building commercial P&C proposals is often a very time-consuming process, with data coming from many sources, which has also traditionally opened agencies to increased risk from manual data entry.

Integrated directly with AMS360 online 18R1, Proposal Builder pulls accurate customer and prospect information directly into the correct fields, saving time spent on data entry and reducing liability risk to data entry errors and omissions. Customers have seen the potential for at least 50% reduction in time to generate commercial P&C proposals. 

Locked content and standardized sections prevent accidental edits, and a record of hard copies are saved in ImageRight for audit history. Brand and template libraries standardize content across divisions and lines of business for true customization and create polished, professional client-ready documents.

Automated eDocs Processing

eDocs and messages can be a time saver compared with visiting each carrier site to download. 18R1 automates the processing of these tasks, eliminating the need for staff to open email, scan, file or shred paper.

If you already get eDocs in TransactNow today, the automation is easy to set up. The image below shows the routing preferences, allowing you to decide on preferences by Personal Lines or Commercial lines, by Carrier and eDocs and Message type.  Based on these settings, Automated eDocs Processing moves eDocs and messages from TransactNow to AMS360 or WorkSmart with rule-based processing.

In addition to Proposal Builder and Automated eDocs processing, the 18R1 release includes numerous accounting, download, reporting and ease-of-use features. A couple of highlights:

Automated Document Distribution

Agency account managers frequently want to communicate with large numbers of customers. Automated Document Distribution allows you to schedule customer account review letters & questionnaires to automatically be sent based on a preferred method of distribution. This significantly reduces the amount of time spent creating and manually distributing hundreds of customer related letters & documents by replacing manual processes.

Business Origin Accounting

Bookkeeper or accountants need flexibility in structuring producer commissions. The Business Origin Accounting feature provides better insights into your business by tracking revenue generated by the defined source of the business. Automating the calculation of producer commission eliminates manual tracking and saves time identifying sales production.

Acquisition Tracking 

When agencies acquire new businesses, it is difficult to understand the impact of those acquisitions on the book of business. This feature provides visibility into your book of business and real insights about how and why it is growing.

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