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At Farmers Union Services Association (FUSA) Insurance Agency, we take a different approach: our agents develop a personal relationship with their clients. Our agents are involved with and a part of their communities, and that builds an unparalleled level of trust and success.

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FUSA Insurance Agency strongly encourages all agents to have an agency management system. Some of the benefits to having a system include:

  • Quick response times to your clients
  • Organized and secure central online storage for staff to access anywhere with little to no paperwork
  • Next day policy downloads
  • Financial tracking for payments, premium, and commission
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Automated marketing
  • Accurate book of business
  • Easier renewal process
  • Sales and pipeline tracking
  • Real-time quoting
  • E&O compliance

FUSA can help you identify an agency management system that best suits your needs and may even be able to provide financial assistance, depending on your agency size. For more information, please talk to your District Manager.

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Minimize the Manual

Building a techstack that works for your agency is one of the most important tech decisions you’ll make. We’ll show you how AgencyZoom, PL Rating, and QQCatalyst work together to drive revenue and growth, increase employee satisfaction, and overall, make your life easier.

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QQCatalyst: Newly independent agencies need to focus on sales growth and need efficient tools so they can spend time with customers. QQCatalyst gives you flexibility with a customizable dashboard, a quick set up, and an intuitive design. It offers sales pipeline and email marketing capabilities to help you grow. It's also simple and easy to use while still being complete. This solution helps you manage your agency from anywhere with secure, cloud-based technology.


AgencyZoom is a smart automation solution built for insurance agencies. It allows agents to build an automated customer journey from prospecting, to renewals, and beyond. The mobile app and pre-built reports offer ease of access to data, while integrations with multiple insurtech solutions allow effortless syncing of information. With AgencyZoom you can also:

  • Close more leads, faster
  • Automate engagement, increase retention
  • Crush your goals
  • Help generate 5-star Google reviews
PL Rating Card

PL Rating: is a real-time, comparative rater that enables agents to close business quicker and grow their personal line business through cross-selling opportunities, multi-carrier quoting, consumer rate quoting, and easily quoting multiple personal lines.

  • Time-saving: 50% less time spent on quotes
  • Efficiency: reduce quoting from 10 minutes per carrier to 15 minutes for 10 carriers
  • Demand generation: agents say almost 50% of their leads come from CRQ

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