A personal AI sales assistant for insurance agents and brokers, making sales information personalized and instantly available.

Our partnership

LeO's AI engine integration with AMS360/Sagitta helps Vertafore agents mine their book of business. Find opportunities to grow your agency by combining customer data with over 40 million small and large business prospects through voice to text on their mobile devices within seconds.

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Vertafore customers have access to the industry’s first sales AI engine, empowering your team like never before!


LeO automates producers’ prospecting activities with relevant and valuable data at their fingertips using voice to text on their mobile devices within seconds.
  • You

    Talk or type into your phone: “Show me prospects in zip code 80202 that are similar to my top customer”

  • LeO

    Brings the prospect name - address & map - sales volume – website - number of employees - contact person - phone number AND relevant coverage types for the account.

Cross sell

LeO brings your book of business to the device of your choice and produces results in seconds.
  • You

    Talk or type into your phone: “Who should I Cross Sell?”

  • LeO

    Will show you clients you should attempt to cross sell, ordered by low number of coverages and high premium volume per client.

Leadership / Manage Productivity

LeO will give you insight into your team and give you relevant data to optimize your agency's performance.
  • You

    Work from your desktop, entering queries from your keyboard.

  • LeO

    Will show you Producer summary – top sellers – top LOB’s – total sales –key niches – sales by carrier and more.

LeO offers many more queries, all by simply asking voice or text-based questions in your own natural language – no special vocabulary or database skills needed!