Distribution Management Suite

Have confidence that your producers are compliant and properly compensated, so you can focus on driving business.
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Strategic distribution management can transform your business. The Vertafore Distribution Management Suite provides a flexible platform that helps insurance carriers build more effective, profitable, and compliant distribution channels. Carriers can connect directly with producers for improved communication and convenient self-service.

Key Benefits

Boost Revenue

Get agents selling faster and incentivize them to sell more of your most profitable products.

Improve Efficiency

Automation and integration reduce overhead and allow your staff to focus on more meaningful work.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Make it easy to get and stay compliant, so you can avoid fines.

  • Shareable Producer Records

    Shareable Producer Records

    Your single source of truth for producer information – from compliance credentials to performance and compensation – so you can make business decisions based on the right data.

    Accurate Compliance Credentials: Licenses, appointments, and other credentials are kept up to date with data from the National Producer Database (PDB) and other trusted sources, ensuring that your information is always accurate and matches what the state regulators have on file.

    Hierarchy Management:  Manage multi-tier producer and distributor hierarchies to ensure accuracy and timeliness of commission transactions.  Keep up with the dynamic nature of producers as they move throughout their careers with tools that allow you to replace, promote, and merge producers within hierarchies.

    Producer Performance Metrics: Track current policy metrics, such as total revenue per policy, renewal and retention rates, loss ratios, etc. so that everyone working with your producers has visibility into their sales performance. 

    Connected Producer Portal and Self-Service: Give your producers a way to view their own information, including compliance credentials, performance metrics, and compensation statements. Producers can also update preferences (including payment schedules), demographics, and submit service requests.


  • Recruiting & Onboarding

    Recruiting & Onboarding

    Onboarding is often an agent’s initial interaction with your team. With the Vertafore Distribution Management Suite, onboarding is quick and easy so you can make a great first impression. 

    Applicant Tracking: Tools built for the insurance industry allow you to evaluate all potential agents consistently with standardized qualification steps by channel. Plus, when you’re ready to onboard, data transfers automatically so there’s no rekeying. 

    Onboarding & Contracting: Get new agents set up in minutes with streamlined onboarding. Data is pre-populated from trusted sources, including the PDB, so agents only enter missing information. Compliance automation gets agents the right credentials to start selling your products, including just-in-time support.

  • Credentialing & Compliance

    Credentialing & Compliance

    Keep your producers authorized to sell with streamlined credentialing functionality. By taking the guesswork out of the process, you can be confident in your compliance.

    Regulatory Expertise: Get the help you need to understand the complex web of compliance rules with regulatory reference guides and a team of experts who keep the system updated with the latest regulations.

    Online Licensing Transactions: Stay compliant with integrated licensing transactions in all US jurisdictions. Pre-populated information and a streamlined data collection interview make it easy, and upfront validation helps prevent errors before they happen.

    Real-time Producer Authorization: Receive a simple yes or no answer to the question: "Is this producer authorized to sell?" Compliance automation turns any "no" into a "yes," including integrated just-in-time support. Authorization rules vary based on product type, state, underwriting company, and sales event – and the rules are kept up to date by Vertafore.


  • Compensation & Performance

    Compensation & Performance

    Simplify the administration of complex commission and incentive programs across all lines of business while paying your distribution partners quickly and accurately. 

    Flexible Compensation Programs: Create customized commission and incentive compensation plans that meet your specific needs. Programs can include traditional commission plans as well as variable compensation, multiple hierarchies, contingent commissions, and other bonus programs. Because all carriers are different, users/administrators can quickly set their own plans, compensation levels, and rules.

    Compensation Payment Automation: Significantly reduce disputes by creating simple compensation statements for your agents and paying them based on their preferences. 

    Sales Performance Management: Pull data from all of your policy administration systems into a single location for a complete view of producer performance.

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