New year, new updates! Save the date for the AMS360 Q1 Update

February 8, 2019 /

As we ramp up an action-packed year, we’re excited to present the first of our 2019 quarterly product updates. We’re only as successful as you are, so we want to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of your management system.

Our quarterly updates will include tips for maximizing productivity, along with news about updates and enhancements within AMS360 that are aimed to help you succeed, deliver excellent service to your customers, and jumpstart your growth early this year.

The AMS360 Q1 Product Update will cover:

  • The impact of 18R2 on your business and how to get the most value possible out of the release
  • An update on the much-anticipated Proposals feature
  • New customer success initiatives to ensure you’re getting the value you’re paying for
  • And what to expect from 19R1

While we hope you are as excited about these enhancements as we are, we're just getting started. Be sure to watch out for more communications regarding the AMS360 Q1 Product Update and tune in on March 11, 2019. 

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