Proposal Builder is here

January 4, 2021 /

We have been conducting an extended Early Adopter (EA) program for Proposal Builder and we have learned a lot about your needs. 46 agencies on AMS360 have been working with Proposal Builder and have created over 10,000 proposals. As a result, we are confident that Proposal Builder is now ready.

Rollout To begin, we will be making Proposal Builder available to agencies with the AMS360 20R2 online release. When you receive the 20R2 upgrade, Proposal Builder will be provisioned for your agency. The rollout of 20R2 has already begun – you’ll need to have VSSO enabled to take advantage of it.

What is Proposal Builder? Proposal builder lets you create professional, consistent, high-quality client proposals, enabling​ your agency to efficiently build business winning documents to grow and deliver a better client experience. Integration with AMS360 draws information directly from your agency management system and combines it with pre-designed templates to produce accurate, professionally branded proposals. ​

What do agencies say? Hear from one of the EA participants. Our staff has already seen the benefits of Proposal Builder! It has been a huge time saver… We love being able to customize each proposal and formatting the proposal is so easy! Leigh Ann Baker​ - Manager, Operations, Insurance Management Group

Proposal Builder is an important tool for insurance agency modernization, helping you stand out from your competition while saving you time.  To learn more about this solution, check out