Rocket Referrals®

Vertafore's integration with Rocket Referrals helps AMS360 and QQCatalyst users build stronger, more profitable and longer lasting relationships with their clients.

When you integrate Rocket Referrals with AMS 360 or QQCatalyst it’s like adding several new members to your staff, working 24/7 for your agency to build stronger client relationships, improve retention, win more referrals, collect online reviews, cross sell accounts and even hand write personalized cards for you.

Vertafore was one of the first platforms to integrate with Rocket Referrals and it is helping AMS 360 and QQCatalyst users build stronger, more profitable and longer lasting relationships with their clients.

Introducing Vertafore Client Communications, powered by Rocket Referrals

Vertafore Client Communications is our latest partnership with Rocket Referrals to provide AMS360 agencies with tools for more active and meaningful client engagements. Vertafore Client Communications is an easy-to-use solution that brings integrated emails, campaign, and reputation management directly in AMS360. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Vertafore Client Communications allows you to send the right communications at the right time so your clients stay longer, buy more and refer their friends. Eligible AMS360 customers have access to this new value-add solution at no additional cost!  

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  • We’ll find all of your best promoters for you and turn them into referral machines.
  • We’ll automatically find your clients likely to leave before it happens, so you can retain them and never be surprised again.
  • We’ll help you outrank competitors on local search that have more reviews than you by strategically collecting meaningful feedback from the right people at the right time across several review sites.
  • We’ve curated content from agencies across the country that is ready to be delivered automatically at the right time and is proven to increase client loyalty.
  • We’ll help you create custom, highly targeted campaigns that increase cross-sales and lead to new quotes.
  • We’ll provide each of your employees with their own phone number for texting and an integrated mobile app they can use to communicate with your clients.


Rocket Referrals is the perfect tool for a growing agency as it gives us another dimension to interact with our customers in a meaningful way. The automated marketing campaigns save us time and money, allowing us to better focus on our client's needs and provide the most excellent service possible. Thank you Rocket Referrals!

– Garrett Watson, customer since 2020

We’re getting More telephone calls from clients wanting to check in giving us opportunities to provide great customer service, especially during the COVID pandemic.

– Laura Branch, customer since 2020

Rocket Referrals has been a great addition to our agency marketing strategy. It's so easy to use as it integrates with our customer management system. We like the feedback from our clients and the sharable testimonials. We've increased our referrals, cross-sells and revenue because it's so effective and easy to use.

​​​​​​​–​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Diane Tait, customer since 2018

We’ve collected hundreds more (and we can help you get hundreds just like this). 


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