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Our unique development approach lets us deliver enhancements and solutions that integrate with the technology you already own—faster and better than ever before.
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A new approach to InsurTech

Let’s face it: one-size-fits-all solutions rarely do. On paper, an agency management system that does everything sounds great. In practice, it makes the system difficult to update, turns even the simplest enhancement into a major project, and limits your ability to leverage new technologies as time goes on.

That’s why we’ve adopted a flexible, open-platform strategy to product development.

Titan technology—only from Vertafore and unique in our industry—uses an open, modular approach that shares data across our solutions. And through APIs, we are able to easily partner with the industry’s best business solutions providers to integrate the tools you count on, from CRMs to communications.

Titan isn’t a product: it’s a best-in-class methodology to deliver the products you need today and ensure your agency is positioned for continued success in the future.

Titan Principles

What does this mean for you? Faster delivery of new solutions that work with the technology you already own. Better enhancements, and more of them. And the ability to choose the features and products that meet your agency’s needs.

Modern, open technology platform

Integration with existing solutions and the base for all new Vertafore products

APIs to connect to partner and agency solutions

InsurTech for fearless modernization

Titan is the basis of everything that Vertafore brings to market from here forward. Vertafore CEO, Amy Zupon, unveiled how our new approach will help the independent agent channel during our Summer of Accelerate Kickoff.

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