Beer-infused mobile innovation with Vertafore and Cordova

Who knew that beer would be a key ingredient in the successful launch of our first hybrid mobile application, Vertafore Producer Advantage?  The app is designed to help insurance agents provide anytime, anywhere assistance to their clients. Initially it was released for iOS only, but with the widespread adoption of Android, Vertafore needed to develop a version that worked on both operating systems.  With this prospect in mind we began our quest, searching for the best way to develop a...

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Two Technology Leaders Joining Forces to Power the Modern Agency

As we hope you’ve seen elsewhere today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with DocuSign to bring their industry leading Digital Transaction Management platform to our agency customers—both in Sagitta, as well as AMS360 as part of the Vertafore Agency Platform.   It’s a substantive and strategic agreement, and I know they’re as excited to get it rolled out to you all as we are. One of the most consistent areas our customers have told us they need to make them more competitive in ...

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The Insurance Industry Needs to Embrace Innovation

The insurance industry is not generally recognized for being innovative or quick to adopt new processes or technology. It’s a conservative industry and slow to change. And rightly so. Insurance was created to help individuals protect their financial future against a catastrophic loss. However, consumer’s wants, desires, and expectations are changing faster today than at any time in the past. Your organization is not being compared to Progressive, Geico, or Esurance. It’s being compared to Amazon...

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Inventors Among Us: Meet Vertafore's Latest Patent Heroes

Patents are cool because they demonstrate innovation, creative thinking and, in the case of two recently filed applications at Vertafore, developer capability. For example, consider this problem: You need to compare very large files or collections of files to see if they are identical right down to the bit level (There are more than 830 million bits in a 100MB file.) Raul Alvarez, a senior software test engineer, said the impetus for his innovative way to do that was a produc...

Simple Data Security Tips for Agencies

I speak with agencies all the time about data security. The way most agency owners see it data security is about making sure some hacker in (fill in your country name) has decided that they want to steal the information from John Doe Insurance agency. Sometimes I burst their bubble and let them know the hacker in Russia doesn’t want their data. “What’s wrong with my data???” Data security is the most important thing you and your IT people should be worried about because your lost data c...



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