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Vertafore Wrap-Up is an advanced, web-based solution for streamlining and automating the management of Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP). Vertafore Wrap-Up allows CIP administrators to leverage automation, reliability, and mobility without the overhead of maintaining an in-house system or the cost of outsourced services.

Why Vertafore Wrap-Up?

Real-time SaaS

Our subscription-based model lets users easily access or report information in real-time via the internet.

Track and store paperwork

Documents are stored within a specific enrollment/contract, and are easily accessible to sponsors, contractors, and wrap-up administrators, allowing them to easily share documents for the wrap-up contract.

Total automation

Vertafore Wrap-Up™ automates the communication process between all parties. This includes notifications such as requests for delinquent enrollment information, delinquent payroll reporting, delinquency offsite certificates, notifications to the carrier for new contracts, and welcome and renewal packets.

How our product works for you

Vertafore Wrap-Up is the leading OCIP/CCIP administration technology platform designed to automate and streamline the administration of controlled insurance programs for the construction industry.

Manage liability

Supervise accountability with a comprehensive, hierarchical view of contractors and tiers of subcontractors. Manage offsite coverage, EMRs, and claims for every subcontractor on a project.

  • Build master contractor profiles
  • Track sub-contractor relationships in a hierarchy
  • Calculate loss ratio by project
Manage liability with Vertafore Wrap-up
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Streamline communication

An online subcontractor portal organizes subcontractor communications, eliminates paperwork and reduces manual intervention. Email and fax integration further organizes communication. Sponsors receive scheduled, automated reports for real-time reporting on program health.

  • Manage contractor communications
  • Measure task completion with comprehensive tracking and auditing
  • Send documents via email or fax

Track and store paperwork

Electronically organize documents to eliminate the need for paper filing systems. Keep a history of all communications, contracts, offsite coverage certificates, and other documentation for each subcontractor on a project.

  • Create, store, and send letters and certificates
  • Track and archive correspondence
  • Capture a detailed audit trail for every transaction
Track and store paperwork with Vertafore Wrap-Up

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 More than $450 billion in CV managed

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TSIB success story

Learn how Turner Surety and Insurance Brokerage, Inc., one of the largest privately held insurance brokers, uses Vertafore Wrap-Up to provide in-depth daily administration services for their clients.

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