RiskMatch for Benefits

Create powerful client benchmark presentations in a fraction of the time.

Unlock the power of data to empower your benefits business

  • Drive retention and growth
  • Provide valuable advice to clients
  • Understand how your business compares to the market

Why RiskMatch for Benefits?

Be a trusted advisor 
Show clients how their benefit plans compare to the industry to help them make competitive choices directly within RiskMatch® for Benefits.

Close more business
Create compelling client presentations to drive retention and growth.

Make better decisions 
Leverage comprehensive business intelligence to stay competitive in the benefits market.

Introducing RiskMatch for Benefits

RiskMatch for Benefits reduces time spent gathering data, creating attractive customer presentations, and preparing for renewal and client presentations. This allows your team more time to have informed and comprehensive conversations with your clients, drive renewals, and grow your benefits business.

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Elevate your relationships using the power of data

RiskMatch for Benefits turns your data into the asset you always hoped it could be.


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Easy to use

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