It is Time to Review Your Operating Systems

Posted on: March 06, 2013 by Chris Munoz

From mobility and security to better collaboration between agencies and carriers, understanding what the current technology trends are and how Vertafore’s products fit into that picture is important.  In summer 2013 Vertafore will have several new releases including AMS360 7.5 and Sagitta 8.2 that dramatically simplify user interfaces, pave new integrations and provide new functionality you have been asking for. 

To ensure we’re developing, testing and releasing products that align with the highest software security standards, Vertafore continues to standardize supported operating systems.   This allows more rapid development and a consistent approach to application management.  In addition it allows support staff to focus their expertise around core systems.

So what’s changing?  As you have likely seen, Microsoft has discontinued mainstream support for Windows XP, including patches and security fixes.  Vertafore will also no longer be supporting Windows XP in future releases.

In a 2012 white paper by IDC “Mitigating Risk: Why Sticking with Windows XP is a Bad Idea,” the analysis showed supporting older Windows XP installations, compared with a modern Windows based solution can have dramatically higher costs to IT spend and productivity.  Read more here.

Now is a great time to review your current technology to take full advantage of upcoming capabilities in the second half of 2013.

Check out these free resources to help you get started:  

1.  For specific information about Vertafore-supported workstation, server and product configurations log in to My Vertafore and view (DOC822). If you need more information or assistance, call us at 800.444.4813. 

2.  Microsoft has a support page with complete deployment kits, diagnostic tools and training to help you determine what systems make sense for your organization.  

3.  NetVU's  (Network of Vertafore Users) NCOM forums offer product and business theme community boards which are monitored daily.  Participating allows you to ask questions of your peers and share ideas around technology recommendations and experiences. To get started, log into NetVU, and choose communities.  All Vertafore customers are members of NetVU.   If you don’t have login information, click contact NetVU here and you’ll be set up with your free access to the community.




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