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Making an impact with your career is important.
At Vertafore, your impact starts day one.

As a Vertafore Intern you will work for a cutting-edge software company.  Your projects will be hands-on and customer-facing.  Joining Vertafore will allow you to collaborate and work with some of the best in the industry.

  • Meaningful Work – See your project through to the end
  • Mentorship – A Manager and Buddy assigned to help you reach your goals
  • Networking Opportunities – Get to know Vertafore culture and your peers

Vertafore Internship Program

Vertafore offers internships at our various locations throughout North America

  • In 2016, internships were offered in:
    • Atlanta, Georgia
    • Bothell, Washington
    • East Lansing, Michigan
    • Westminster, Colorado
    • Windsor, Connecticut
  • Internship opportunities offered in various business units – Development, Sales, Marketing and User Experience

Internship Opportunities

Stay Tuned for 2017 Opportunities!

Impact in Action

Check out the amazing things our interns have accomplished.

Marketing Communications Intern
Summer 2016 – Bothell, WA

What makes Vertafore’s internship program unique from most other large corporations is the sense of belonging I feel. At Vertafore I am a contributing member of the Marketing Team. With the large amount of resources, I feel valued at Vertafore. I do not have just one mentor, but a team of mentors who want to see me succeed and develop personally and professionally. I have had the opportunity to dip my toes into all aspects of marketing at Vertafore. Some important lessons I would like to pass onto other students are: Do not be afraid to try something new and original. Take initiative on projects and do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Feel proud about what you have accomplished as an intern, but also recognize mistakes and that you are learning. It is a learning experience, and that is what makes interning at Vertafore so great!

Product Marketing Intern
Summer 2016 – Bothell, WA

I have been interning at Vertafore since March and time has flown by. From the beginning, I felt like a valued member of the team. It was surprising how fast I was included in important projects. The projects I have worked on during my internship have been both interesting and diverse - no two days are the same. Starting my internship, I did not have an exact idea what I wanted to do in the marketing world after graduation. Having an internship that exposed me to a wide variety of experiences has been invaluable. This internship has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend interning at Vertafore.

AMS360 Development Intern
Summer 2016 – Bothell, WA

I have been interning for the past two months and it has been a wonderful opportunity for me to be a part of Vertafore. As a development intern, I have had the opportunity to gain technical insights and hands on experience on the product Vertafore SalesTrack. It was a fun filled learning alongside of my teammates, mentor and manager. Throughout my journey at Vertafore, my team has always provided me with right sort of guidance and helped me in understanding the stages a product goes through before it is pushed into production.

Inside Sales Intern
Summer 2016 – Bothell, WA

My favorite aspect of the summer internship has been the company culture and environment at Vertafore. The work environment is very welcoming and everyone is always willing to help. My team and mentors have guided me in the right direction, which has made my internship experience extremely enjoyable. My goal as an intern is to aid the sales team with data management and cleanup. I have a passion for technology and software, and this was one of the main reasons I chose Vertafore.

Shared Services Development Intern
Summer 2016 – Bothell, WA

One of the most defining things about this summer was my amazing internship experience with Vertafore. I worked with the PASS team and learned important lessons for developing an application. The summer intern speaker series gave me an idea about what the senior members of Vertafore do. I have been in work environment before but I have never seen such a happy environment. People at Vertafore are really happy and it almost looked like a family. I developed a skill of making my code talk (readability of code so that others can understand it) and for the first time I worked without any stress at all. I believe this internship program has made me see my future in the software world in a different way.

Shared Services Development Intern
Summer 2016 – Bothell, WA

Working with my team at Vertafore has been an amazing experience and opened my eyes to how comfortable you can be coming into a workplace every day. It is no doubt that Vertafore’s homelike culture plays a major role in their success as a company and the happiness of their employees. The people who took me on as their intern did not treat me like a temporary employee. If you decide to work here, you will be challenged to learn something new every single day.