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Management Team - Andy Dey

Andy Dey Chief Technology Officer

“The pace of innovation is simultaneously the fastest it's ever been and the slowest it will ever be. At Vertafore, we have a unique opportunity to lead the insurance industry through this age of innovation, at pace and at scale.”

In any software firm, there are two core functions: developing the software and selling the software. I have spent time in many roles throughout my career, but my heart has always been in R&D. At Vertafore, I get to return to my passion, which is developing software that is delightful and impactful to our customers. I also believe that empathy is a crucial component of how we do things here. Taking time to truly understand our customers’ needs before jumping into solving a problem is what will make us—and our solutions—compelling to our customers and their customers.

  • Education

      • University of California, Berkley, MBA, Finance
      • University of Nebraska, Lincoln, MS, Manufacturing Systems Engineering
      • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, B Tech, Manufacturing Science & Engineering
  • Experience

      • Global Head & Chief Business Officer – Edge Products, EdgeVerve
      • Senior Vice President, Concur
      • Managing Director, SAP Labs India
      • Director, Oracle