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Management Team - Larry Hagerty


Larry Hagerty Senior Vice President & GM, Sircon & Information

Success in the insurance industry requires specialized expertise. Our knowledge bases help keep our customers current with the essential information they need to drive growth and support industry changes. Plus, our licensing and regulatory solutions keep agents and customer service representatives compliant so they can focus their energy on sales and service.

Here at Vertafore, we leverage information technology to address a wide array of insurance and securities industry issues and opportunities. Within my areas of responsibility — Producer Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Information solutions — we attack some of the more specialized and complex challenges in the industry with proven capabilities and teams that are passionate about delivering innovative and streamlined solutions. My role is to catalyze that effort and enable our customers to focus on growing and improving their organizations. From individual producers to government regulators, our solutions serve virtually every part of the industry. Our mission is not only to meet the needs of today, but also to integrate marketplace trends and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

  • Education

    • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    • Dartmouth College
  • Experience

    • President, MedAptus
    • President and CEO, Medstat