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Vertafore PolicyIssuance

Vertafore PolicyIssuance

With complete, accurate and current information directly from management systems to carriers, Vertafore PolicyIssuance helps you turn policies in hours, not days. With Vertafore PolicyIssuance, data from management systems is pre-filled into form sets minimizing errors and omissions.


Eliminate re-keying of data by auto-filling directly from your management system. Intelligent form selection shortens the policy issuance time by more than 50%.


  • Provides an efficient process for general agents to issue policies
  • Shortens policy issuance cycle time

Advantages for carriers and London brokers:
  • Reduces 60-90 day policy form update cycle to real-time with single versus multiple updates
  • Allows for more complete data for carrier reporting
  • Provides better service to general agents

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