Simplify processes and shorten the time it takes to acquire new insurance producers

Producer Express® is an online service that helps simplify and accelerate the producer onboarding process – from recruiting to contracting to appointing – by streamlining and automating the various steps in finding and acquiring a new producer. It streamlines the process of collecting the documents required for onboarding new producers by electronically transmitting automated forms for background investigation, licensing status verification, and state appointment processing between remote locations and the home office. The service electronically submits onboarding information to the states to process regulatory transactions, enabling you to grow business and become known as a company that is easy to do business with.

Key advantages include:

  • Producer Express increases the volume, speed and accuracy for activating new producers, enabling you to expand your distribution network and grow business by recruiting and retaining top-selling producers
  • Producer Express helps improve productivity using flexible and automated workflows that simplify processes, and reduce bottlenecks and paper processing
  • Producer Express integrates easily with internal systems so it enables complete process management and saves labor hours

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