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Sircon Producer Express®

Producer Express® is an online service that helps simplify and accelerate the producer onboarding process – from recruiting to contracting to appointing – by streamlining and automating the various steps in finding and acquiring a new producer.

Become Sircon connected!

Keep your credentials current, your budget in line, and your agents happy and ready to sell.


With Producer Express automating your producer on-boarding, you can:

  • Become “easier to do business with” by leveraging the latest in automated recruiting, contracting, and hiring; bringing on and keeping the best agents
  • Act quickly and decisively on new potential producers
  • Integrate seamlessly with back-office systems, using secure web services to transmit packet data, recruiting hierarchies, and complete packet PDFs
  • Bolster your audit trail and avoid compliance gaffs with electronic, reportable processes
  • Our flexible automation allows you to mirror your current on-boarding process and remove the paper and delays.

  • Streamline the sourcing, recruiting, contracting, and hiring process by automating the steps involved in finding and hiring new producers.

  • Save time, manual data entry, shipping costs, and processing delays with our automated e-forms.
    Enter data once, then enjoy the peace of mind associated with our “once-and-done” process.

  • Instantly kick-off information requests to your agency partners. Because Vertafore leverages universal ACORD™ standards, you know packets will include the necessary information the first time.

  • Instantly determine the productivity of your distribution channel operation through reports on contracting packet details, production activity, workload management, and packet milestone history.

“Today, the turnaround time for on-boarding producers using Producer Express has been slashed by 80 percent, to just three days from 15 days."

Dave Jones assistant vice president,  producer compensation and licensing services, OneAmerica

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