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The Sagitta® management system is the most flexible and powerful management system available today, designed specifically to help large agencies, MGAs, bankers and national brokers increase productivity, enhance customer service, and control operating costs.

Unmatched scalability and processing capabilities

Sagitta is the solution of choice for the largest, most complex agencies, MGAs, bankers and national brokers. Agencies choose Sagitta because they need to create, sell and support complex, customized lines of insurance and need a highly customizable and scalable agency management solution to support their business.


Sagitta is the only enterprise-level solution that can be easily customized to meet the demands of large, complex organizations, providing access to remote users, connecting and managing multiple offices, and integrating with an acquired company.

Key advantages:

  • Allows for rapid growth through acquisitions by scaling to meet peak user and transaction loads.
  • Provides full support for interdivisional/regional accounting.
  • Offers flexibility to work the way you want to work, adapting to your agency’s processes.
  • Enables role-based security to protect sensitive data, authentication controls, data at rest encryption, and audit trails.
  • Backed with a 20-year track record of successful enterprise implementations.

“Sagitta is a solid core solution that enables us to handle a variety of insurance products. It’s also customizable. So, if we want to create a unique field, we can do that, and run the kind of reports we need.”

Susan Stoddard Systems Manager,  Moretown & Company, Salt Lake City, UT

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