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Still using sticky notes to keep track of sales opportunities?

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There's a better way to
grow your business:Vertafore Agency SalesTrack

Sales management made for the insurance industry

  • One solution to grow your business

    From tracking leads to making the sale to servicing accounts, SalesTrack is designed specifically for the work done by producers and sales managers every day. With activities, leads, and opportunities always in view it is easy to gauge success.

  • Seamless integration

    Integrated with AMS360 Online, information flows between the systems so your staff have the information they need, when they need it. No more emails to create or update records, and duplicate data entry is completely eliminated.

  • Guided workflows

    SalesTrack’s workflow ensures that leads flow through the sales pipeline efficiently and consistently, resulting in faster lead-to-close time. SalesTrack keeps the sales process on track so you never lose sight of leads or miss an opportunity.

  • Data on demand

    SalesTrack gives you visibility into each producer’s pipeline as well as team metrics. Comprehensive reporting provides up-to-date views of forecasts, progress against goals, and revenue by carrier.

  • What can Vertafore Agency SalesTrack do for you?

    SalesTrack, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is the sales management solution your managers and producers have been waiting for. Sales managers access the information they need to make informed decisions, and producers get a robust solution designed specifically for the work they do every day.

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    Constant visibility into your sales pipeline

    The SalesTrack dashboard keeps your key performance indicators front and center, instantly letting you know how your team is tracking toward goals. Quickly view your projected pipeline and deals won and lost, then drill down for detailed individual "team member" results so you can manage, mentor, and support your producers.

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    Informed, data-driven decisions

    It can be a challenge to collect and evaluate data to answer questions about projected revenue, win/loss ratios, lead value, and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. With SalesTrack you can quickly report on any information in the system, and you can create custom reports as needed.

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    More effective marketing campaigns

    With SalesTrack you can develop a consistent, customized approach to customer outreach. Comprehensive reporting tools help you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and proactively respond to changing market demands. You can automate routine marketing campaigns, and maximize the profitability of existing accounts with targeted upselling.

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    Constant pipeline visibility

    SalesTrack dashboards provide you with an instant, comprehensive view of your sales pipeline, open leads, opportunities, and activities. With at-a-glance visibility for all of your work and more detailed information available on demand, you’ll have everything you need to keep the sales process moving forward.

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    Better customer service

    SalesTrack seamlessly interfaces with your management system so you have easy access to account information such as policies, claims, and notes. This allows you to provide exemplary service when working with customers, which in turn helps increase account retention.

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    The power of integration

    With SalesTrack, lost or inaccurate data is a thing of the past. By integrating with your agency management system, SalesTrack ensures that data flows to the right person at the right time. This seamless integration helps you stay productive and maximize your time.

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    Sales Managers and producers need tools designed for the work they do. SalesTrack dashboards keep your pipeline front and center; seamless integration eliminates lost data or duplicate data entry. Meet your goals with SalesTrack.


    Can SalesTrack increase your close rates? Check out the ROI for sales automation.

    See what customers are saying about SalesTrack

    “Our agency needed a CRM to provide our producers with an efficient way to manage their prospecting and provide our management with visibility into the producers’ efforts toward writing new business.”

    Drew Gilbreath, CIC
    Vice President of Operations
    Sutter, McLellan & Gilbreath, Inc.

    “When we are bringing people on, we show what we’re doing with automation.  We actually use software to help us hire team members.  With our current staff, we continue to look for automation tools to help our  teams.  It will help  change our team’s culture..”

    Todd McCredie
    McCredie Insurance Agency

    Calculate your return on investment

    What kind of ROI can your agency expect by adopting SalesTrack? Use our cost benefit analysis
    calculator to get an educated estimate based on your agency’s unique circumstances.

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