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Sircon for Education Providers

Vertafore for Education Providers

Vertafore for Education Providers is the most powerful way to maximize your resources, saving you time and money by electronically connecting you to state regulators—simplifying the administrative tasks required to manage education information.

Vertafore for Education Providers

Smart, Safe and Speedy Connections

Vertafore for Education Providers gives you a direct connection to state departments of insurance, simplifying the administrative tasks required to manage education information. You can rely on our tools to help you quickly and efficiently file course approvals, offerings, completion rosters, and class schedules directly to state tracking systems.


Over 250,000 individual producers, 12,000 agencies and brokers, and 1,600 carriers use Vertafore to track and manage their agents' CE information. In fact, more than 3,000 pre-licensing, continuing education, and training providers rely on Vertafore to ease the filing process and access even more stakeholders.

Vertafore for Education Providers includes the following services:

  • Available Course Offerings Inquiry
  • Approved Courses Inquiry
  • Approved Providers Inquiry
  • Classroom Offering Maintenance
  • Continuing Education Course Completions
  • Upload Continuing Education Course Completions
  • Pre-licensing Education Course Completions
  • Upload Pre-licensing Education Course Completions
  • Education Activity Inquiry: Search for transactions submitted by the provider
  • Continuing Education Course Application
  • Course Renewals
  • Education Information Center: View recent provider notifications, look up state contact information, and download instructions and forms
  • Generate course completion certificates automatically

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