Connecting carriers and agents in real-time delivers big benefits for everyone

video_small_testimonial_cyn_smith TransactNOW® is a powerful solution that connects agencies with insurance carrier databases in real time all from the convenience and security of your Vertafore agency management system. The result? More efficient agency-carrier communications, faster access to personal and commercial lines information, shorter transaction processing times, and more responsive customer service.

Key agency advantages:

  • Increases productivity by making it easy to access multiple carrier sites from within your agency management system.
  • Answer questions more quickly by retrieving billing, claims and policy information directly from carrier websites.
  • Makes it faster and easier to request quotes and process endorsements.
  • Provides access to an increasing number of national and regional insurance carriers.
  • Increases productivity, lowers operating costs and frees up more time to grow the business.
  • Use of the Book Roll Analytical Tool helps agencies run in-depth comparisons of carriers’ products to deliver the best possible option to their customers
  • Receive carrier communication even faster now that Vertafore’s partnership with ID Federation eliminated an agency’s need to enter credentials for every transaction when going through a carrier portal

Key carrier advantages:

  • Simplifies communication with agents, encouraging them to write business with you.
  • Reduces the number of calls and faxes to your staff by allowing agents to directly access up-to-date information on your website.
  • Supports a variety of transactions, including billing, claims and policy view inquiries, endorsement bridging, and quote bridges for both personal and commercial lines.
  • Automatically generates notifications to agents, including claims status, claim payments, and general notices.
  • Solicit entire books of business from agents quickly using TransactNOW’s Book Roll Analytical Tool to help drive better decisions in writing business
  • Write more business with agents now that ID Federation and Vertafore made transactions no longer require multiple password entry by agents, making it EASIER for agents to do business with carriers

Connect with your agency community
Vertafore offers free services to help carriers increase the adoption of Vertafore connectivity solutions:

  • On-site and web-based training for field marketing and agency support teams
  • Co-sponsored webinars, e-communications and agent meetings to drive adoption
  • Post-implementation training and promotion for staff and agents

My most technically-averse employee actually tried it, loved it and started telling everyone about it. She’d say, ‘You’re not going to believe how easy this is—you just click and go.’”

Carl Schlotman III


CAI Insurance

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