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TransactNOW® is a powerful solution that connects agencies with insurance carrier databases in real time all from the convenience and security of your Vertafore agency management system. The result? More efficient agency-carrier communications, faster access to personal and commercial lines information, shorter transaction processing times, and more responsive customer service.

Be “easy-to-do business with” through real-time.

With a combination of real-time transaction and instant sign on to carrier websites, TransactNOW enables agencies to process business with carriers and service customers in real-time, without ever leaving the agency management system. Carriers benefit from attracting more agencies through the ease of doing business and simplifying routine tasks.


Staying connected in real-time benefits both Agencies and Carriers. Agencies accessing multiple carrier sites will increase productivity for the agents and the simplified communication with agents will increase the amount of business carriers can write. Quotes can be requested more quickly and calls to carrier staff will be reduced as agents gain direct access to the information they need.

Key Benefits for Agencies

  • Provides access to an increasing number of national and regional insurance carriers.
  • Increases productivity, lowers operating costs and frees up more time to grow the business.
  • Receive carrier communication even faster now that Vertafore’s partnership with ID Federation eliminated an agency’s need to enter credentials for every transaction when going through a carrier portal

Key Benefits for Carriers

  • Support a variety of transactions, including billing, claims and policy view inquiries, and more.
  • Solicit entire books of business from agents quickly using TransactNOW’s Book Roll Analytical Tool to help drive better decisions in writing business
  • Write more business with agents now that ID Federation and Vertafore made transactions no longer require multiple password entry by agents, making it EASIER for agents to do business with carriers

Agencies receive

  • TransactNOW delivers quote requests, endorsement processing, multi-carrier commercial submissions and both personal and commercial new business submissions.

  • The faster you can communicate with carriers from within your system, the more easily you can service your clients.

“Our CSRs take the customer’s call, click a button and immediately go to the carrier’s website and get the answer while the customer is still on the phone.“

Carl Schlotman III President,  CAI Insurance

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