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The Smart Cloud

Vertafore Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Free your organization of technology challenges and allow Vertafore to manage your complete desktop environment from the Amazon Cloud.

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                     See how DaaS works

What is the "Cloud" and how does it connect with DaaS?

“The cloud” is a metaphor that refers to Internet-based computing where services are delivered to your organization’s computers online. With cloud-based computing, you’ll be able to access important information no matter where you are, from any device, around the clock. DaaS seamlessly integrates your organization’s entire desktop and infrastructure environment into Amazon Web Services secure cloud storage.

Modernize infrastructure

Vertafore understands the challenges of keeping up with the latest technology at a low cost. With DaaS, your business is free of unpredictable technology and hardware costs. Vertafore manages the integration of your organization’s complete desktop and infrastructure environment into Amazon Web Services cloud.

Key advantages

  • Remote access from anywhere at anytime
  • Eliminates server upgrades
  • Reduced hardware and software upgrade fees
  • Secure cloud coverage
  • Full disaster recovery
  • Software is up-to-date
  • Seamless integration with your applications
  • Attract and retain staff by providing leading-edge technology

How can you save with DaaS?

Vertafore’s cost benefit analysis (CBA) tool provides quick insights into how much—and where—your business could be saving on infrastructure and desktop services.  It provides a forecasting model for standard tiers, based on Amazon WorkSpaces monthly fee and Vertafore’s managed monthly fee.  

 With the DaaS CBA tool you can compare what your business is currently spending on IT services under two states of business:

1.  How you are currently operating?

2.  What the state of your business looks like when using DaaS?

Try it now

DaaS Executive Webcast

Can managed desktops save you money?

“With Vertafore's DaaS offering, I am able to forecast to the dollar amount, the cost of provisioning desktop and application resources bringing a user on board with all the associated technology that accompanies our agency growth. Startup costs and ongoing costs are very affordable and predictable to a per-user level. “

Carl Gerson Agency Principal,  Declaration Brokerage

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