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Vertafore's e-PAL Service is the original single-source electronic reference service for insurance licensing and securities registrations. e-PAL translates insurance and securities requirements into easy-to-understand language and provides the required licensing forms.


The industry’s leading source of insurance licensing and securities requirements.

How much more efficient would your staff be if they had immediate and comprehensive access to up-to-date regulatory requirements from a single, easy-to-use source?
The Electronic Producer All-lines Licensing Service (e-PAL™) from Vertafore® is the original single-source electronic reference tool for insurance licensing. With more than 2,500 users, e-PAL is the number one reference tool in the industry.


New and Improved Features

    Easy-to-use QuickGuide
  • Current licensing forms, fees and payment options
  • Instructions for obtaining or filing changes to a license
  • Pre-license education and exam requirements
  • Continuing education information
  • Due dates and mailing addresses for submitting documents
  • Renewal information

“Our organization needed a reference tool that could keep track of the ever changing regulatory requirements. Your e-PAL online reference service provides quality and accurate information at my fingertips. This tool has saved my team time and helped make me more efficient. I have not found any other product on the market that compares to yours.”

Barbara Vaccaro director of licensing Aon Law Department,  Regulatory & Licensing

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