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Managing Customer Expectations

Are You Meeting Your Insurance Customers' Expectations?

Managing Customer Expectations

Solutions for Superior Customer Service

Empower your customers to verify coverage, request policy changes, print auto ID cards, and more using convenient self-service tools.

Customer demands keep evolving, shaped by advances in technology, powerful market forces, and the expectations of new generations. In today’s rapidly changing market, it can be a challenge just to keep up.

How prepared is your agency to meet modern customer expectations? Doing so means making effective use of social media, digital technology, and customer service to accommodate customers’ rising demands.

Self-service tools and mobile-optimized experiences


Are you keeping up with the competition?

Click to watch Jason Cass discuss how he uses social and digital to generate and retain new business.

Today’s customers expect a lot from their insurance agency. Their familiarity with mobile technology and experience with high-tech, customer-focused companies in other industries have raised the bar for every company they interact with. Independent agencies are held to the same high standards as global tech companies with huge budgets.

Indeed, nearly half of insurance customers want more digital options than most agencies currently provide.¹ They want self-service tools, websites that are optimized for mobile devices, responsive online customer service, a social media presence, and comparative rating tools. In fact, 71 percent of consumers used price comparison websites or social media before purchasing insurance.²

Social media strategy

Competitive insurance agencies realize the need to market to the growing millennial population, which means creating and maintaining a social media presence online. It’s not enough to have just a website; today customers expect to find their favorite companies on Facebook and media platforms like blogs and Twitter.

Savvy agencies create content on social media that drives prospects to their website, informs and educates customers, and builds loyalty among their clients.

Prioritizing customer service

When choosing a brand, 97 percent of customers say service is an important factor.³ Winning their loyalty means making service a priority and putting customer needs above organizational challenges.

But what does that mean? In strategic terms, it means recognizing that the happiness of your customers is essential to the profitability and growth of your business. In practical terms, it may mean changing your procedures and creating new tasks among your employees to make sure the customer comes first.

For instance, assign someone in your agency the daily job of responding to any customer inquiries that came through your website or Facebook page on the previous day. Or use social media to stay engaged with your customers by sending birthday wishes, congratulating them on milestones like anniversaries and graduations, or proactively recommending coverage based on life events.

Want to learn more about how Jason Cass uses social and digital to exceed customer expectations? Watch the 11-part video interview series on our YouTube channel here: Watch the interview.

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Are You Digital Enough

A digital strategy is imperative to remaining profitable and relevant to today’s customer. Get the facts you need to move your agency forward.

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