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Big Data Article

5 Ways to Help Your First Analytics Project Take Flight

Big Data Article

Expand Your Market Knowledge with Vertafore Analytics

Powered by Birst, Vertafore Analytics combines a vast repository of data with powerful visualization tools allowing you to solve real problems.

Big data isn’t just for big companies. Organizations of any size can use analytics to help their financial and operational performance soar1.

If you’ve been thinking about seeing if data analytics can move your business forward, now is the perfect time to fly. But hurry—seats are going fast.

Here are five simple steps that can help your first project really take off.

1. Make your first flight a short one.  You’re too busy for an extended project. Keep your first trip small to increase your likelihood of success and to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

2. Choose your destination carefully. To help build support across your organization, make sure your journey is focused on solving a problem that will provide real business value.

3. Pack whatever you want. There’s no luggage limit, so treat everything as potential data. Pack it however you want: just make sure your approach is consistent

4. Plan your itinerary. Figure out how you’re going to protect your data from unauthorized access and accidental deletion, as well as where you’ll store it once it no longer fits in the overhead compartment. (Hint: consider the cloud.)

5. Don’t forget to write. Keep track of the challenges your program faces along the way, so you’ll know the problem areas to address when it comes time to succeed on a larger scale.

These are just the first steps. Want to get advice from experts about how big data can make a big difference to your organization? Read the Moving Your Business Forward with Big Data Analytics e-book, available for free here.

1The Who, Why, and How of Big Data, Bain & Company, 2013.


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