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What matters most to your agency?

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How Do Agencies Spell Success? C-R-M.

Learn how your competitors are using customer relationship management (CRM) and other marketing technologies to grow their agencies.

Are you considering choosing a customer relationship management (CRM) technology solution to integrate with your agency management system?

Maybe you’re interested because you’ve heard how studies have shown that CRM marketing and sales solutions are the largest drivers of agency growth year-over-year, and that agencies have identified them as the number one investment priority. Or maybe you’ve heard about these systems increasing the number of policies sold per producer by almost 50 percent.


Do You Generate Demand?

Hear experts and agents discuss the shift from demand response to demand generation and the tools and techniques you need to make it happen.

Whatever your inspiration, you want the solution that best fits your agency’s unique needs.

Do you know what you know? I know what my agency needs, you’re probably thinking. As the principal, I make decisions like this all the time.

And maybe you do, in situations where you can think of the agency as a single entity. But CRM technology systems impact all of your agency’s different functions―principal, producer, CSR, and admin―in new ways. Knowing what your agency needs requires you to know what each different position requires.

Still not a problem, you may be thinking. I’m close to my staff. I’ve even performed one or more of these different functions myself. Regardless, Insurance Journal research makes clear that there’s still a substantial variance between your viewpoint and that of your staff.

The only way to find out what your agency needs is to ask
To be effective in your search for the right CRM system, your evaluation team should include at least one person per function who can accurately represent the ideas, thoughts, and concerns of those who serve the different areas of your business.

If the idea of trying to get all of your people to agree on anything is migraine-inducing, that doesn’t mean you should skip this important step. Studies show that in a world where the majority of IT projects run into trouble, involving your people may be one of the best steps you can take to ensure success.

The right tool can make all the difference
Odds are, you know the frustration that comes from trying to accomplish a simple task, such as pounding a nail or tightening a screw, without the necessary tool. In this case, the tool is the free 'What Matters Most to Your Agency' worksheet, available within our e-book here. It helps you gather different staff responses to a common set of questions, and then determine what is most important to the group as a whole. It’s set up to work the way you do: if your employees work best as a group, use it as a conversation starter or meeting agenda. If you’d rather have staff work independently, use it as a standalone survey.

Get a world of free resources with just one click.
This worksheet is just one of several interactive tools included in the Improving Your Sales Performance e-book, which includes practical advice from industry experts and veteran agents about technologies that can help you dramatically increase sales and your agency’s value to customers and carriers. Learn more in the Improving Your Sales Performance e-book, available for free here.

Get the Information and Insight You Need to Take Action

Let industry experts and agency veterans turn this complex topic into concrete steps you can take today. Whether you want to improve your ability to generate and convert leads into lifelong customers, better manage and mentor staff, or reduce costs and increase productivity, these technologies will help you turn disruption to your advantage.

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Smart Ways to Stay in Customer Contact

Technology is key to connecting with customers and keeping them. Take a peek at research that shows how CRM and marketing automation can transform your ability to generate and convert leads.

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3 Sales Pipeline Warning Signs

It’s a beautiful day, with a full (and profitable) calendar of sales calls. See how little it takes to transform a perfect day into a nightmare … and how you can stop it from happening to you.

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Are You Where Your Customers Are?

Remember when customer service was conducted by phone, fax, or letter? Discover how successful agencies are growing by integrating these “channels” into a unified online and offline approach.


Do You Generate Demand?

Hear experts and agents discuss the shift from demand response to demand generation and the tools and techniques you need to make it happen.

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