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October 16, 2017

How reducing little tasks makes a big difference

The most successful technologies are made with one goal in mind—to increase efficiency. One of the fastest ways to streamline operations in today’s ever-changing business climate is to remove tasks that predate modern computing devices. That’s exactly where insurance-specific content management and workflow comes into play. Content management and workflow revolutionizes the way you process documents and run your business. The days of wrangling paper files to figure out what’s on an individual...

Bryn Saunders

October 02, 2017

What Millennials Want from a Career in Insurance

With nearly 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, it’s more important than ever for industries of every shape and size to find ways to attract, retain, and satisfy the next generation of workers. We recently surveyed nearly 3,500 insurance professionals, including 1,556 millennials, to understand how insurance can meet the needs of this new generation. While there is some debate around exactly who makes up one of the most talked-about generations, for the purpose of this survey, we defin...

Ben Deda

September 20, 2017

5 Ways Agencies Can Provide Premium Service When Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, resilient property owners begin to rebuild their lives with the help from their independent agent. With the recent destructive hurricanes making landfall and impending natural disasters, agents are stretched to their limit working to help insurers recover. Toggling between and maintaining separate systems during times of crisis is time wasted. For an industry that deals in risk management, agencies must first mitigate its propensity for inefficiencies. Preparing your offi...

Dickinson Merrin

September 20, 2017

For Small Agencies CRM is the Path Forward

As personal lines become more commoditized, identifying new opportunities and rounding out accounts is critical for agency growth. The pace of change has been relentless and even innovative agencies are struggling to remain competitive. In the small independent agency sector, sales and customer relationship management (CRM) systems are quickly becoming one of the most essential technologies that directly impacts the success of the business. Independent Market Squeeze In a commoditized marke...

Sharmila Ray

September 05, 2017

No More Gut Decisions

They say being busy is good. Clearly, “they” never owned an independent insurance agency. If they had, then they would know that everyone wants to be more efficient and not be preoccupied with time consuming tasks when they could be building stronger customer relationships. However, very few have the visibility needed to grow their business' bottom line. As a decision-maker, it's your responsibility to streamline your agency's processes, grow your business, and provide the best possi...

Stephanie Swaim

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