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18 Questions You Should Ask Any Vendor

Posted on November 25, 2015 by Chris Ries

Agency Management System Buyer's Guide

Before entering into a relationship with an insurance agency management system vendor, it’s best to clearly determine how they approach support and customer service at every stage. The following questions will help guide your conversation with any potential vendors and ensure that there are no surprises down the road.

1. How easy is it to get your insurance agency management system up and running?
2. Can you explain how we’d migrate our current data to your system?
3. What kind of technical support do you offer during implementation?


4. Do you offer training for different roles in my agency?
5. Do you have interactive web instruction, online classes, solid documentation, and detailed manuals? 
6. Will you send a sample training schedule so we can plan ahead?

7. Will you be available to support us during the product’s entire life cycle? 
8. How do you handle troubleshooting, IT tickets, and day-to-day technical glitches that arise? 
9. How often do you upgrade or fix bugs in your system?

10. Do you answer questions via email, web chat, or telephone? 
11. Will you send a representative out to meet us in person? 
12. Do you offer around-the-clock technical support or 9-to-5 availability? 

13. How often do you update your data security?
14. Do you offer cloud-based data storage?
15. If so, who is your cloud service provider?

16. Do you offer a consistent, predictable pricing structure?
17. Is your pricing based on the number of users? 
18. Do you have ROI testimonials, case studies, or examples of successful adoption?

Learn more about how an insurance agency management system can help grow your business in the Agency Management System Buyer’s Guide, available free here.

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