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20 Signs That Your Agency Isn’t Running Efficiently

Posted on October 29, 2015 by Chris Ries

As technology marches on, it creates greater efficiencies and new ways of doing old tasks. But sometimes, agencies stick with outdated, inefficient processes when better, more cost-effective solutions exist. 

Take a moment to appraise the efficiency of your agency’s current processes. How many of these Inefficiency Red Flags do you recognize?

1. Do you have paper stacked everywhere?
2. Are your customers calling you a second time looking for information?
3. Do you have to re-enter the same customer information into multiple systems?
4. Is your staff spending their time issuing certificates of insurance instead of talking to clients?
5. Is your current insurance agency management system more than six years old?
6. Do you use processes out of habit instead of for efficiency?
7. Can your current system’s capabilities scale up as your agency grows?
8. Do you spend a lot of time compiling month-end reports?
9. Does your current system allow you to track changes to policies?
10. Do your producers spend more time preparing and submitting quotes than prospecting and selling?
11. Do your producers have to personally ensure document version control?
12. Do you measure a quote’s cycle time in days instead of hours?
13. Does your current system improve communication among your staff or hinder it?
14. Are your producers spending more time on administrative tasks than on revenue-generating activities?
15. Does your staff have to physically be in the office to do their jobs properly?
16. Do your CSRs have stacks of mail on their desks?
17. Do you have to switch between multiple screens to view all the files you need?
18. Is it difficult for your agency to track work that has been completed or is in progress?
19. Do your business processes rely on staff to remember what to do at each step?
20. Have you had to add staff just to keep up with your current workload? 

Do you have five or more red flags?

If so, your agency’s efficiency challenges are affecting your ability to match growing customer expectations and increase your revenue. Your issues could best be addressed with a comprehensive insurance agency management system, which includes smart automation, cloud-based data management, and efficient processes.

Learn more about how an insurance agency management system can help grow your business in the Agency Management System Buyer’s Guide, available free here .

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