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4 Ways to Support Your Producers with Great Customer Service

Posted on July 20, 2016 by Phyllis Gillman

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It’s no secret that word of mouth is still a powerful (and necessary) marketing tool in the insurance industry. As we become increasingly digital, harnessing word of mouth is becoming increasingly important.

Prospects and customers are relying more and more on online reviews as they research products and services well before they’re in contact with a producer.

As a customer service professional, what is your role in supporting sales? Offering the best customer service possible will help promote a positive digital presence that helps consumers as they research your company and services. Take a look at some of the following ideas and help increase your agency’s bottom line by offering your producers support and enablement.

Your Responsiveness Sets a Precedence

How you respond to potential clients when they’re first in touch with your office is a powerful indicator of your teams’ customer service following the sale. Clients want to be sure that they’ll be treated promptly and their concerns and worries will be addressed quickly (long after they’ve signed along the dotted line).

Highlight Customer Empathy with Personalization

There’s no better way to show your clients and prospects that you understand them and their needs than by personalizing your service and messaging. Use the technology and tools you have to tailor emails, letters, and phone calls. Generic emails and messaging that doesn’t apply to your prospects and clients are a surefire way to show you don’t know them and didn’t take the time to understand their needs.

When your messages and service are relevant, you’ll attract your clients’ attention and make it much easier for your producers to extend additional conversations and interactions.

Engage in Conversation and Service on Social Media

Some of the top brands have made great use of social media to spark meaningful conversations and service customers better. When you display your company’s positive customer service on social media, you not only meet your customers where they are active, you highlight your service for prospects to see. According to a Bain & Company study, customers spend 20% to 40% more with companies that respond to their service requests on social media.

Asking for Feedback Improves Your Entire Company

As a customer service representative, you probably hear the most about your client’s experiences. Since you’re on the front lines, you probably hear the good, the bad and the ugly. Take that feedback to the various parties involved so that they can make important changes and improvements. While it’s important to improve your own team, supplying other departments at your agency with vital feedback can improve a customer’s experience from start to finish.

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As a 27-year customer service veteran in the insurance industry, Phyllis Gillman has spent more than her fair share of time helping clients and customers. In her long stint in the industry, she’s answered over 702,000 phone calls.


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