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6 Must-Have Traits for Successful Insurance Producers

Posted on March 17, 2016 by Tyler Nicholson

Sonders' Selling Tips

Today's post was written by Tyler Nicholson, a sales professional here at Vertafore. His years as a licensed insurance professional make him a great resource for insights into how to flourish as as a top-flight producer. Hope you enjoy.

You already know that connecting with prospects and clients is vital to growing your business. But while relationships are still king in the insurance industry, what makes one producer better at developing connections than another? 

Maybe you’ve been in the insurance game for years, or maybe you’re fairly new. Regardless of your current role as a producer, it’s never a bad time for a gut check. Hopefully you recognize some of the following traits in yourself and your team, and if you’ve become a bit complacent with them over time, you rediscover your inspiration that can give you the edge that you need to succeed: 

Be Hungry

There’s no denying that one of the most important traits you can have is hunger for success. A resilient producer can overcome defeat of rejection by remaining eager. They know their next win is right around the corner. Their hunger makes them a student of the industry and they’re constantly yearning for more information and education so they continually improve. Being successful today is not adequate for the hungry producer -- they are already preoccupied with how they can be great tomorrow. 

Be Efficient 

It’s no secret that our industry is being rocked by changes in competition, technology and client expectations. Though your previous competition may have been the agency down the street, you’re now competing against technology giants who are investing massive amounts of money as they enter the insurance space. The most successful producers tackle these changes with great a great process in order to be as efficient as possible and in turn, meet their clients increasing demands while adapting to improving technology.  

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Be Forward Thinking

The way consumers interact with companies and brands continues to evolve at a break-neck pace. While creating a relationship with clients may have been enough in the past, producers are now tasked with developing real solutions to problems clients may not even realize they have. 

Forward thinking producers consider what problems clients currently endure as well as what the future holds for them. Anticipating client and prospect needs is one way successful producers differentiate themselves from the competition and nurture loyalty. Approach your prospects with a concise solution to their specific problem and partner with your clients in their journey for success.

Be Flexible

Change is inevitable. While some tried and true sales techniques remain a cornerstone in the way you interact with prospects, emerging technology, new employees and always transforming client call for improved flexibility.  

It’s no longer enough to simply know your services inside and out. Fulfilling client needs requires ongoing knowledge of an ever-evolving industry so you can present clients with added value that points them to your specific solutions.  

Be Disciplined

Follow-ups are time consuming, but with consistency and discipline, it is a major differentiator between mediocre producers and those who exceed their sales goals.  Since the timing of connecting with prospects is so important, planning follow-ups is imperative. Creating a system for following up with clients and prospects can give your process some stability and structure. 

Not every prospect is ready to buy when you speak initially. Having the discipline to reach out to prospects regularly will result in wins. Don’t count on prospects to call you back when they’re ready and lose a high-value prospect to your competition because of poor timing. 

Be a Big Dreamer

Settling for mediocre is not conducive for being a successful producer. Instead, some of the most accomplished sales people in the insurance industry set consistent (BIG) goals. They don’t wait for a manager to sit them down and help them establish sales goals for the year. They’re two steps ahead: setting measurable, specific goals that hold them accountable. Take it one step further and print, read and recite those goals on a regular (if not daily basis). 

In a disruptive insurance climate, thriving as a producer encompasses more than sheer sales talent. Adapting to evolving client needs requires creative problem solving as you stay relevant and competitive among emerging startups and long-time agencies alike. 

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Tyler Nicholson

Tyler Nicholson has 10 years of experience shaping best in class tools used by the top agencies in California. Although currently a sales manager at Vertafore (and formerly FSC Insurance Solutions), Nicholson remains a licensed insurance professional and previously gained valuable insurance insight and experience working for one of California’s largest insurance brokerages.


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