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6 Must-See Sales Videos That Will Change the Way You Sell Insurance

Posted on July 07, 2016 by Mark Sonders

We've all been there at one point or another: the dreaded sales plateau.

Maybe you had a fantastic month, but things have stagnated; or perhaps you haven't achieved the rhythm that really makes you passionate about helping people discover the solution--your product--to their problem. In a constantly changing landscape of informed purchasers who consult everything from social media to online reviews before making the decision to commit to a purchase, selling in a digital world presents unique challenges that require sales representatives to keep the fervor for closing the deal alive.

Thankfully, even if you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on traveling to conferences (or a time machine to head back to hear some of the world's greatest speakers share their advice), there's a proliferation of great sales wisdom online you can use to jump-start or shake up your sales strategy. Learning on your own is a particularly valuable option for salespeople, as the Association for Psychological Science reports, self-directed learning enables people to learn better because its active nature increases the likelihood of successful information encoding and retention. By taking in advice on your own time when you're fully focused, you can better apply techniques that are most meaningful to your sales style.

To get you started, I've curated some of my team's favorite instructive sales videos that not only impart wisdom, but are also highly entertaining to watch. Take a peek at these to see what themes resonate with you. Then give the tips a try during your next pitch, and watch to see if your discover new levels of success as you adapt the strategies to your own methods.

Zig Ziglar on the Difference Between Cost and Price

Salesman, author, and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar has been regarded as one of the top sales gurus of the 20th century due to his highly enthusiastic and highly effective sales training Always featured entertaining and humorous stories while weaving common-sense principles with real-life anecdotes, Ziglar could turn anyone into a master salesperson and give them the confidence to succeed.

In this video illustrating the difference between "cost" and "price," Ziglar expounds on the value of using visual aids when selling as well as how to get leads to understand value over time. 

Tom Hopkins on How to Use Emotion and Belief While Selling

Former real estate agent-turned-sales training strategies program founder Tom Hopkins believes passion transcends any other skills necessary to thrive in sales. It's worth watching this video from beginning to end, as Hopkins touches on themes including:

  • Why you need enthusiasm for what you're selling
  • How to respect and empathize with leads
  • How to help rather than sell
  • How to convey value of the product and tailor it to the individual
  • How to close

The video includes participatory exercises that help its message really resonate. 

Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin on the Science of Selling

For visual learners who are interested in the psychology principles that drive purchases, this animated video covers motivators such as reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking and consensus and how salespeople can ethically use them to persuade leads to purchase their product.

The video illustrates well-known studies, such as how the receiving of mints at a restaurant increases tipping amounts, as well as noteworthy events to clearly support its points. 

Christine Clifford on Perception, Branding and Context

Using a variety of real-life examples that inspire plenty of laughter and emotional reactions, author and speaker Christine Clifford covers four major factors in how packaging and image--of both the goods and the salesperson--can elevate the perception of a product. 

Using studies to support anecdotes, Clifford reinforces the importance of professionalism, relationship-building and providing a service in order to be successful at selling.

Evan Carmichael on Selling Insurance

This insurance-specific sales video by business coach and speaker Evan Carmichael describes how to:

  • Connect with potential clients
  • Show unique value
  • Market to target customers both in person and online through content marketing

By weaving in visual aids and clear, focused suggestions with personal ties, Carmichael inspires viewers with diverse actions to take to increase sales. 

Rapid Learning Institute on Cold Calling

Cold calling is often one of the most dreaded actions salespeople participate in, yet it's a vital task that, once mastered, sets salespeople up for success in all aspects of the funnel. This is a more traditional slideshow presentation that's great for visual learners and contains relatable stories.

Watch it to learn how NOT to start a cold call and how to focus on quality over quantity. Instead of wasting time calling every number in your list in hope someone bites, the video gives substantial tips for finding better leads and connecting with prospects once they're on the line. 

While there are constantly new hot speakers coming on the circuit and a crop of "business experts" looking to give their advice with every Google search, as you'll see while watching these videos, most rewarding sales techniques are psychology-based and have stood the test of time.

Want to learn even more about how to prosper in the insurance industry? We've got an e-book for you. Head here to download Managing Your Agency in the Digital Era and learn how to maximize employee performance and engagement with improved solutions that work in today's digital age.

Mark Sonders

Mr. Sonders is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Vertafore. With over 25 years of sales, marketing, and financial experience at companies like Thomson Reuters and Kaplan Financial, Mark’s career has focused on delivering long-term success for his clients in order to help them get the maximum value out of his organizations products and services.




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