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6 Ways to Highlight Your Customer Service Skills on LinkedIn

Posted on May 11, 2016 by Phyllis Gillman

Phyllis' LinkedIn tips

Social media isn't a replacement for face to face networking or connecting with colleagues,  but it can be a powerful tool for staying in touch with other professionals and learn more about your craft. LinkedIn is a social channel I’ve begun to embrace and it’s helped me connect with my current co-workers and reconnect with past peers and colleagues in a whole new way. 

While we all know how important it can be to have a professional online presence, it can be overwhelming getting started. Take a look at these top tips our social media guru at Vertafore taught me as I optimized my own Linkedin profile.

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Expand on Your Experience and Work History with Accomplishments and Skills

One of the misconceptions of LinkedIn is that your experience section is merely a resume. In contrast, your LinkedIn profile gives you a place to ADD to your resume, rather than just copy and paste your past employment.

Include additional information, measurable accomplishments and skills to differentiate yourself from the pack. In addition to highlighting your experience in a more exciting way, adding valuable information to your experience will show your peers what you’re passionate about and the skills you're most proud of so you can connect on a deeper level and mentor one another.

LinkedIn experience section

Insider tip: Most companies now use LinkedIn as one of the many tools they use to search for new employees. How do they start their search? The same way you'd run a search on Google, with keywords. Make sure you're including key words and phrases in your profile that are relevant to the job you do (or the job you'd like to have). Need some inspiration? Just look around at what other people in your industry/position have in their profiles (no need to reinvent the wheel!).  

Use a Concise Headline

Your headline and summary are the first impression potential connections have with you. They present a fantastic opportunity to convey who you are in a professional (but creative) way. Your headline is often the first thing visitors see on your LinkedIn page so it should differentiate you from other professionals who perform similar jobs as you. Use customer service and industry keywords to make it clear what you do without being overly generic. Stand out as the great worker you are!

LinkedIn headline section

For more information about how to craft your headline, check out tip number 4 in this article from Clifton Demmer, Vice President of Field Sales at Vertafore, about social selling. 

Customize Your URL

Additionally, customizing your URL can make your profile more personal and show searchers you’re familiar with LinkedIn. I would suggest using your first initial and last name. 

LinkedIn URL

Question: How do I change my LinkedIn URL? 

Answer: Look for your LinkedIn assigned URL, just a few lines down from the title. Click the pencil icon to change your LinkedIn public profile URL. Enter your name as you would like it to appear in your custom LinkedIn public profile URL and click 'save.' Easy as that!

Use a Professional Photo

Your LinkedIn profile picture is no place for shrunken or unprofessional photos. Have your co-worker snap a professional photo in good lighting with professional attire and you’ll be well on your way to improving your profile. Here are a few quick tips for taking a professional profile picture at home:

Utilize Your Summary Space

Your summary gives you a larger space to expand on your headline, share who you are and highlight what you’re passionate and skilled at. You have approximately 2,000 characters to include examples of great work. Break up the text in your summary so it’s easy to read and write in a compelling manner. As you read your summary on LinkedIn, ask yourself if you’d read it through to the end. Think about your audience as you create an exciting, fun, but professional summary.  

LinkedIn summary section

Get Involved in Groups and Share

It’s not enough to simply make a profile. LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to share and connect by posting interesting, relevant and exciting information related to your job. Read an interesting article about customer service? Share it with your connections. Have something on your mind related to your job or industry? Write an interesting and insightful article and publish it to your page. Use your profile to share your expertise and what makes you a unique and knowledgeable professional with your growing network.

LinkedIn group section

Although sharing your insights is important, choose the information your share wisely and avoid spamming your connections with irrelevant articles or too-many posts.

Don't be afraid to try new things with your profile though. Ask for recommendations, repost your favorite articles and most importantly, have fun!

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Also, if you have any tips, be sure to let us know in the comments section below!

Best of luck! 

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As a 27-year customer service veteran in the insurance industry, Phyllis Gillman has spent more than her fair share of time helping clients and customers. In her long stint in the industry, she’s answered over 702,000 phone calls.


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