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Close more business in less time with the industry’s leading real-time personal lines comparative rater.

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Watch this short video to learn how PL Rating can empower your agency to reduce time to quote, improve your cross-sell opportunities, and build stronger relationships through trusted advocacy.

PL Rating is the independent agency channel’s leading comparative rating solution that enables agencies to offer multiple competitive quotes in less time than it takes to get one from a carrier website. With standardized workflows, real-time carrier connections, and time savings through 3rd party integrations, it creates competitive advantages to help close business faster.  

Time savings

With over 300 real-time carrier connections, agents can accurately quote dozens of carriers in less time than it takes to generate a single quote through a carrier website.  

Customer experience 

Set your agency apart by demonstrating to your customers that you’re their trusted expert. 

Higher revenue

PL Rating offers flood, package, and Consumer Rater Quotes, all which can result in higher revenue. Plus, with faster close times, customer retention can be improved.  

PL Rating's Carrier Inventory Interactive Map
  • Consistency 

    PL Rating makes quoting multiple carriers easier and faster than ever.  

    Ease of Use: The platform is intuitive and straight forward, making it easy to learn and effortless to implement.   

    Templates: Customize PL Rating to work for your business. With templates, you can set various presets depending on different situations such as high-risk drivers or coastal properties. Templates allow you to speed your quoting process, ensure you don’t miss any required fields, and provide consistent service to your customers.   

    Required Fields: Never miss the important information you need when quoting. PL Rating integrates with your carriers, so you always capture all the specific required fields.  

    3rd Party Data: Through 3rd party integrations, agents can seamlessly pull in hard-to-obtain information such as VINs, loss cost estimates, and more.

  • Productivity 

    Boost your agency’s productivity with a comparative rater that does the heavy lifting for you. 

    Dynamic Interview: PL Rating’s intuitive workflows take the stress out of quoting for agents and make quoting an interactive conversation. Gather the information you need while building rapport with your customers.   

    VSSO: Vertafore Single Sign On makes logging into your account quick, easy, and secure.  

    Credential Management: Store your carrier website login information securely in PL Rating.  

    3rd Party Data: Prefill capability saves time on data entry, finishing the quote faster.  

  • Retention

    Business Integration: Save your historical customers, prospects, and quotes in a single, easy-to-navigate platform. Plus, PL Rating integrates with all Vertafore management systems, and most other management systems to serve as a comprehensive solution for your business needs.   

    Customer Experience: Position yourself as the trusted, knowledgeable expert. With an intuitive, interview style quoting workflow, you can get the information you need all in one sitting, all while building a lasting relationship with your customers.  

  • Visibility

    Leverage PL Rating to keep a pulse on the health of your personal lines business.  

    Reports: Customized reporting allows your agency principal to track productivity and see a snapshot of new versus recurring business.   

    Customer Lead Sources: Visualize where your business is being generated to focus your efforts on the sources that matter most.  

    Historical Record: Store your previous quotes indefinitely unless you decide to delete them.  

    Team View: Provide transparency into your agency with a web-based platform.  

    Solutions at Quote: Integrate with 3rd party data to gain enhanced visibility into risk including other drivers, vehicles, and VINs in the household. 

  • Growth 

    Leverage the speed and accuracy of PL Rating to close more business and cultivate further retention.

    Stored Quotes: Save time with stored, easy to find quotes.  

    Management System Integrations: Connect with your management system and run your business more effectively.  

    Consumer Rate Quotes (CRQ): This custom module allows prospects to quickly get a rate from your agency online.  

    Package Workflow: Upsell with packages and provide your customers with the protection they need.   

  • Connectivity 

    With over 300 carrier connections in 48 states and D.C., PL Rating is the most robust comparative rater available. 

    Integrations: PL Rating integrates with many other solutions so you can make it work the way you need most in your business.   

    3rd Party Data: Gain access to the data you need, when you need it, right inside of your rater.


Fearless modernization

Whether it’s from agency consolidation, increased client and employee expectations for a more modern experience, or snowballing data, independent agencies are feeling the pressure to change. And then there’s the ever-increasing array of one-off technologies and tools that all promise better, faster, easier.
So how do you choose the strategies and InsurTech that really will serve the needs of your business and customers today, and keep you ahead of the competition tomorrow? The key is integrated solutions that really work for you—and that work together.

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