FSC Rater

A comparative rater built specifically for California agencies.
FSC Rater

To win more business you need to provide accurate and affordable rates within minutes. When a customer calls, you don't have time to visit multiple carrier websites and repeatedly enter the same data just to pull quotes. 

FSC Rater provides accurate rates for over 100 carriers for personal lines, allowing you to spend less time quoting and more time winning business. 

Turn Visitors into Customers

Convert your website visitors into leads by showing multiple rates directly on your website.  

Seamlessly Bridge to Carrier Websites

Save time by transferring client data to carrier websites for policy submission. No more duplicate entry. 

Select From a Library of Carriers

Quote rates from over 100 carriers for multiple lines of business in California. 

With FSC Rater you put the factors in and hit the button and you have 90 companies working for you. We couldn’t survive without it.

Richard Wetzel
, Oasis Insurance Agency

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