Consumer Rate Quotes (CRQ) for PL Rating

Provide multiple carrier quoting directly to consumers from your website or social media.

Attract clients who prefer to shop for insurance by searching online, via a flexible user experience to meet your clients where they’re at. CRQ works on any website or browser on mobile phones and tablets including iOS and Android. 

Additional lead generation

Potential clients can submit their information for quotes directly through CRQ. Even if the prospect doesn't complete their quote request, the information is still captured as a lead for your agency for follow-up.

Streamlined quoting

CRQ allows for coverage limits and deductibles to be bundled into options that are customizable to your agency. Not only does this speed up the quoting process for a consumer but it also allows you to emphasize the types of coverages you want to sell.

Competitive options for clients

CRQ allows you to provide potential clients multiple quotes, increasing your chances to convert new clients into long-term renewal customers.

  • Customize and launch

    Get your CRQ portal ready and customized in minutes. Simply upload your agency logo, state your pre-defined coverage options, and create email notifications. 

  • Set instant alerts

    Accelerate the follow-up and sales process by setting up instant alerts to your agency when a prospect completes a short interview on your site.

  • Transfer data between CRQ & PL Rating

    Seamlessly transfer your prospects' data between CRQ and PL Rating, eliminating duplicate data entry thanks to CRQ's full integration with PL Rating.


CRQ for PL Rating Demo :

Learn more about Consumer Rate Quotes for PL Rating in this short demo