Consumer Rate Quotes for PL Rating

Provide multiple carrier quotes to clients from your website or social media.

Meet prospects where they are: online

  • Offer real-time competitive quotes to online prospects
  • Generate more warm leads and reduce close time
  • Easily customize to fit your agency
  • All prospect data flows to PL Rating automatically
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Why CRQ for PL Rating?

Online Multiple Carrier Quoting

Expand your agency's reach and attract new customers by providing multiple carrier quoting online.  

Close more, faster

Get alerts as prospects complete the online quoting process and follow up at exactly the right time. 

Easy for you + consumers

CRQ is simple to set up, customize, and brand. Plus, the online portal is intuitive to navigate for consumers and works in any browser or device. 

PL Rating integration

All data entered by prospects is transferred directly into your PL Rating® client database.   

Consumer Rate Quotes webinar

Learn about Consumer Rate Quotes for PL Rating in this short webinar.

"Consumer Rate Quotes is the coolest thing I’ve seen. Consumers can go to my website and get multiple real-time quotes — not just enter a form and wait for a callback — on a no-obligation basis. I get notified on activity immediately so I can follow up with those prospects."

Jim Wright

Wright Insurance Agency, Inc.

Features that level the playing field

Leads and conversions

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User experience

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Agency Efficiency

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75% of consumers start their insurance shopping online

Learn how CRQ through PL Rating helps agencies reach and convert online prospects.

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