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7 Apps to Help You Build Good Habits

Posted on January 11, 2017 by Phyllis Gilman in Customer Service


With 2017 kicked off, one of the things you’ll inevitably start to hear about is New Year’s resolutions.

As we all know, the easiest thing about resolutions is making them. The difficult part is actually sticking to them.

One helpful way to think about your New Year’s resolution this year is to think about it as a habit you want to incorporate into your routine. Although it takes 21 days to make a habit, after you create one, it becomes much easier to keep it up. 21 days is less daunting than 365 days, right?  

To help you stay on track during the first 21 days of building a habit, I suggest trying out one or more of these 7 apps:

1. 21habit. The concept of this app is simple. You start by investing $21 towards your 21-day challenge and then check-in every day to track your progress. Each day you succeed in sticking to your desired habit, you get $1 back. Any day you fail, you ‘lose’ $1, which 21habit will donate to charity.

2. Daytum. Daytum is great if you love seeing numbers! Whether you want to tally how many cups of coffee you have every week, or how many cookies you have in a month, Daytum can help you collect all sorts of statistics about your life.

3. stickK. For those of you who prefer achieving goals in community, stickK is great. You start off by signing a “Commitment Contract” with yourself to achieve your goal. StickK will then help you stick to your plan by utilizing accountability and loss aversion to drive behavior change.

4. Good Habits. The name of this app says a lot! Good Habits makes it easy to keep track of the habits you want to create and keep with reminders so you don’t forget what you have to do. Unfortunately, this is only available for iOS.

5. Fabulous. This app is fabulous! It’s based on science and can coach you on increasing your energy, feeling more vibrant, losing weight, and sleeping better by helping you creating healthy habits and routines in your life. This is an Android only app.

6. Way of Life. For those of you who are always pressed for time, Way of Life only requires you to invest less than a minute a day to track, identify, and change your habits. This colorful app is available for both iOS and android.  

7. HabitBull. If one resolution isn’t enough for you or if you want a challenge this year, HabitBull can help you track multiple habits in a customized way. It’s made to help you create good habits and cut out the bad ones.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed by your resolution, even with these helpful apps, start small! Choose one habit you want to work towards and make sure it is something you truly want for yourself and not simply something you think you should do.

Finally, don’t aim for perfection. Throughout the year, or even in the first 21 days of building your habit, you may slip up. That’s ok! Be motivated to put your mistakes behind you and move on.

Happy New Year!

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