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7 Sales Podcasts That Will Help You Crush Your Quotas

Posted on August 04, 2016 by Chris Anderson

Top sales podcasts

Sales is a tough industry to stand out in.

It requires effort, time, and more importantly, relentless dedication. Even if you are naturally gifted at sales or you’re a seasoned sales professional, it still takes work to stay at the top of your game. As customers’ expectations are constantly evolving, especially in this emerging digital age, and it’s important to have a few trusted resources tol keep you up-to-date on the latest sales trends while providing you with an endless stream of inspiration. 

I'm sure you have a few blogs or e-newsletters that you subscribe to, but I bet you also struggle to consistently find time to read them.

If it's not a contract or an email from a prospect, do you really have time to read everything you'd like to get to during the day? Let alone a 5,000 word article on the newest trend in tech or selling? 

I didn't think so. 

This is where podcasts come in. 

Podcasts are a game changer. I'm able to gain the insights and trends I'm looking for while not having to change my routine.

On the days I'm not taking a call in the car, I've replaced my sports radio with podcasts during my morning commute (I can live with not knowing how poorly my teams are doing if it means closing more deals).

In 20-30 minutes I can listen hear tips from real salespeople and learn real lessons that apply to my everyday deals. I have a constant stream of curated content that I know is specifically focused on the goal of helping me become a better salesperson. All I have to do is hit play. 

Will you?

7 Sales Podcasts That Will Help you Crush Your Quotas

Here's a list of 7 of my favorites (in no particular order):

1.   The Advanced Selling Podcast

sales podcast vertafore sales goals quotas

Notorious for having one of the longest running sales podcasts, hosts Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale, with over 20 years of experience in sales, have certainly established themselves as pillars in the world of sales podcasts. With more than 300 episodes, they have covered just about anything and everything sales related. Each episode is short and sweet  – most sitting around 15 minutes, perfect for any commute.

2.   Agency Nation Radio
sales podcast vertafore sales goals quotas

A great podcast with an insurance focus. With a range of topics ideal for not only young agents as well as insurance veterans needing a fresh perspective as well. Host Ryan Hanley dives into all things insurance with a digital/marketing focus – which aligns with how much we talk about the importance of technology to an agency’s growing success. Each episode runs weekly with half-hour to hour long segments and is full of banter while also providing useful tips for succeeding in insurance.

3.   HBR IdeaCast

sales podcast vertafore sales goals quotas

From the renowned Harvard Business Review, Ideacast isn’t solely about insurance but is a great listen for professionals in any industry – whether you’re just starting out in your career or about to retire. HBR Ideacast delivers inspirational advice about working, hiring, and managing in the business world that is nothing short of Ivy-League quality content. The episodes are never more than 30 minutes long and frequently feature some of the best of the best entrepreneurs and business professionals such as Katie Couric, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and more.

4.   In the Arena
sales podcast vertafore sales goals quotas

Another podcast centering on more general sales, this one is particularly unique because it offers a global perspective for salespeople. The host, Anthony Iannarino who is widely known as a sales guru, doesn’t just give hard selling advice – his podcast also provides profoundly insightful discussions with top sales professionals that allows for personal and professional development in and out of the office. What’s great about this podcast: its 30 minute episodes that airs once a month, can be tailored to just about any sales rep – manager, owner, etc.

5.   The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling
sales podcast vertafore sales goals quotas

The host, Brian Burns, has a “no BS” and straightforward approach, so if that’s what you’re looking for in a podcast, this is it. He takes a look at the world’s best salespeople and what they do differently while also offering a forward-thinking analysis of various selling methods. Aside from technical processes and strategies of sales tactics, his humor and personality is very apparent in his 30-minute bi-weekly episodes which makes it all that more enjoyable to listen to while refining your own sales methodologies.

6.   The Social Selling Podcast 
sales podcast vertafore sales goals quotas

Created by Linking Into Sales podcast, this is a much more in-depth focus on social selling (hence, the title) strategies for any professional looking to support and grow their business. We’ve talked a little bit about utilizing social selling as an insurance producer, so this is the perfect place to go to learn and apply cutting-edge techniques and tactics to enhance your social media presence as an insurance sales professional. The episodes run twice-monthly with an average episode length of 40 minutes.

7.   The Sales Evangelist 
sales podcast vertafore sales goals quotas

Host Donald Kelly is so passionate and enthusiastic about sales that it’s truly an inspiring podcast to listen to even if you’re in sales or not. His passion for sales is contagious and will provide some great motivation to tackle your biggest challenges as a salesperson, not to mention the expertise advice that will leave you feeling educated, excited, and fulfilled. His podcast ties in other topics too like marketing and business for a well-rounded podcast that allows for both personal and professional development. His podcast runs several times a week with an average length of 25 minutes.

My best advice is to give these a try and find ones that work for you. What I'd really like to know is which one of these podcast is your favorite and what other podcasts do you subscribe to. I'm always looking for new ones to add to my rotation.

Not only in the market for sales podcasts? Don't worry, we just covered some of our favorite tech podcasts that will keep you up-to-date on the latest technology. 

Christopher Anderson

Chris Anderson is an account executive and member of the inside sales team at Vertafore. Before coming to Vertafore Chris spent 10 years in Vern Fonk’s P&C division located in the Pacific Northwest. As a manager of the agency, Mr. Anderson knows what it’s like to work in the insurance industry and prides himself on his ability to advise his clients towards technological solutions that have a meaningful impact on their bottom line.




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