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A resolution you’ll want to keep: making more while working less

Posted on January 25, 2017 by Kyle Heiser in Carrier

A resolution you’ll want to keep: making more while working less.

Now that 2016 is safely in your rearview mirror, it’s time to look down the road at 2017, and see what, if any, changes you might make on your horizon.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions about your business?

Why not? It’s where you’ll be spending a lot of your time in the next 12 months. While every organization is unique, we would guess that one of your resolutions might be along the lines of “making more while working less.”

What makes this resolution different from a personal one is that fulfilling it isn’t primarily a matter of willpower. Rather, it’s a matter of giving yourself, your staff, and by extension, your customers, the tools to make it possible.

Want to know the secret to “making more”?

It’s right there in the resolution: “working less.” Okay, we know that sounds crazy. Especially to someone like you, who knows what it really takes to service customers by providing quoting and underwriting and managing renewals, endorsements, and claims. Someone who knows, first-hand, that your daily workflow is a labyrinth of interconnected, labor-intensive tasks and processes that have to be completed accurately, as fast as possible, every day, just to keep up. But what if it took less work to get these tasks done?

Want to know the secret to “working less”?

It’s equally simple: “accomplish more.” We’ve devoted our entire company to this simple-sounding ideal. Every day, our programmers, designers, and industry veterans work hand-in-hand with professionals from across the world of insurance, in order to understand their unique and evolving challenges and then create with them the tools they need to accomplish more. Tools like ImageRight, the content management, enterprise workflow, and business intelligence suite preferred by more than 700 carriers, MGAs, agencies, brokerages, and reinsurers around the country.

But don’t take our word for it.

Take the words and results of your peers (who helped us create it.) After all, more than 100,000 of their staff use ImageRight to streamline operations, increase productivity, enhance customer service, lower operating costs, increase profitability, and gain better insights into their business. Whether its Property & Casualty or Life & Health, ImageRight’s mobile-friendly design means they can rely upon it wherever and whenever they need to: in the office or on the road.


Your peers accomplishing more and working less with ImageRight

●  Increased early issued renewals by 70%

●  Increased cash received on future effective dates by 99%

●  Increased written premium per employee by 19%

●    Reduced annual distribution costs by tens of thousands

●    Reduced scanning of new documents by 80%

●    Reduced file importing/exporting time by 50%

●    Reduced clerical overhead by 10%

●    Eliminated paper, printer, and filing costs

But there’s a catch.

You knew there was one coming, didn’t you? In this case, the catch is the same one that affects all resolutions: you have to conjure up enough willpower to take at least that first step.

Think you’ll be able to take a coffee break today? Great. Got a few minutes after lunch, or before your next phone call? Good.

Then that means you’ve got the time to see for yourself the content management, enterprise workflow, and business intelligence suite that your industry peers helped build. The one that so many rely upon to increase profitability, productivity, and quality, and decrease costs and operational complexity.

When you get one of us on the phone, we’re not going to waste your time (or ours) with a boring sales presentation. There will just be you - getting your individual questions answered as you see ImageRight in action for yourself.

And unlike your personal resolutions, you don’t even have to take any actual steps. Just click. (And we promise not to ask how those other resolutions are going.) Talk to you soon.


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Kyle Heiser

Kyle Heiser is a member of Vertafore's Carrier marketing team. Mr. Heiser is dedicated to helping Carrier's, MGA's, and MGU's get the most out of their relationship with Vertafore.




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