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Carriers: This is what Agents Expect from You

Posted on October 06, 2015 by Neal Hamilton

The never-ending challenge of recruiting the most capable, highest performing producers is full of surprises. What made you stand out as a carrier of choice one year is quickly surpassed by a competitor’s new, flashy product or compensation plan. Throw in the technological expectations of the emerging generation of producers and it’s enough to make your head spin.

But don’t fret. You have one characteristic that you can always count on to make you stand out against the completion. It’s something we bring up all the time because it never fails to be the case.

It’s what defines you in the eyes of the agent, and makes you stand out as a preferred carrier.

That thing is the experience you create for your agents.

But the question becomes: What makes up a unique and attractive experience?

So we teamed up with Celent Research Director, Karlyn Carnahan, to survey agents and find out what they want and expect from insurance carriers. Then we went and hosted a webinar to share the results!

Click here to watch the webinar, “Driving Growth by Optimizing the Agent Experience.” Did you like this post?

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Neal Hamilton, an MSU graduate, is a marketing campaign analyst at Vertafore. He is a self-proclaimed barbeque connoisseur and movie trivia expert. Connect with Neal on LinkedIn at




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