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Customer Service: Keeping Up With Changing Client Demands

Posted on February 04, 2016 by Phyllis Gillman

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Throughout the day, I notice many of my co-workers on their mobile phones. We’re texting. We’re checking email. We’re sharing photos. We’re researching companies and products. Our producers are using mobile tools and tablets in the field. Yet, we’re somewhat surprised to discover that our clients’ communication and service needs have also transformed.

Just as the insurance industry continues to evolve, so do our clients and their demands. Technology has sparked the desire for constant availability and immediate service. Failing to meet evolving requirements and serve our customers how and when they need can affect their loyalty to us. 

Adopting technology that helps us provide the kind of service clients expect is just one piece of the puzzle. Instead, we’ve also got to learn to communicate in ways that are convenient to them. Receiving mobile texts and digital photos, providing client portals and arming your team with necessary technology as well as adequate training is vital as we continue progressing in the industry.

As clients continue expecting more, how can we meet their needs without training struggles, constant emails and texts and while adhering to imperative guidelines established by the insurance industry and coinciding laws?

Client Relationships Still Reign

Relationships have long been a cornerstone of the insurance industry and customer service. Those relationships are still vital. Adopting new technology and meeting transforming needs doesn’t eliminate the need for a tight-knit rapport with your clients. 

Clients still expect you to know them. As you adopt new technologies, do so knowing that those new methods of contacting clients, documenting current and future needs and completing work on their specific account, help you serve them faster and in a more targeted way. Technology doesn’t replace your clients’ need for customized, personal service. Technology supplements and improves the relationships you have with your clients.

Know Your Customer

When it comes to communicating with your clients, understanding preferred methods of interaction is an important part of meeting customer needs. Just because we prefer to convey information one way, doesn’t mean our clients favor that method. 

When a client is investing their time and money in your company, they expect you to know who they are and anticipate their needs accordingly.

Stay True to Your Roots 

Though technology giants are emerging in our industry, we can continue to progress and adopt new innovations while staying true to what has made us great in the first place: relationships. We’ve always taken pride in really knowing our clients and meeting their needs in a personal way. 

Embrace technology as a way to take great service one step further while maintaining the familial connection our businesses were built on. Innovative technology can co-exist with the relationships we’ve prided ourselves on as insurance and service professionals. Use automation, data and trends to serve your customers better and show that you truly understand them and their changing needs. 

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Bonus Tip: Use Technology to Connect 

Set up alerts for your clients’ birthdays or business anniversaries. You can use alerts as a reason to reach out with a personal email and let clients know their special days are important, taking your customer service to the next level. All it takes it a 40-second, personal email, to make a big impression.

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As a 27-year customer service veteran in the insurance industry, Phyllis Gillman has spent more than her fair share of time helping clients and customers. In her long stint in the industry, she’s answered over 702,000 phone calls.


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