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How Loyal Are Your Clients? 3 Ways to Promote Customer Allegiance

Posted on August 03, 2016 by Phyllis Gillman in Customer Service

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Would your customers leave your company if a competitor came calling? 

Customer service, and the ability to consistently provide a positive support experience plays an immense role in solidifying relationships with your clients.

While we, as customer service professionals, obviously like to hope customers we deal with on a daily basis wouldn't jump ship if given a chance, it's important to acknowledge there are varying levels of loyalty.

Understanding these different levels of customer allegiance will help you meet your customers’ needs in a whole new way. Chances are, if you're doing a solid job with your customer service, your customers fall into one of the following two categories:

The Loyal Client Who Loves You Regardless
This customer is your biggest fan. They talk about you to their friends and family. They love your service regardless of the pricing and see value in your company and what you bring to the table. 

The Loyal Client Who Will Stay (Unless They Find a Better Service)
While this group of customers appreciate you and your service, they might not necessarily remain loyal when the competition courts them with a better or cheaper service. While they’re happy, it’s important to go the extra mile and highlight the value of your brand.

Considering these different types of allegiance, how can you promote loyalty across the board? A good rule of thumb for your plan of action is to meet and exceed their expectations.

Here are 3 ways to promote customer allegiance:

1.     Step into Their Shoes.

In order to make a customer happy, you need to understand their experience when dealing with your company. Sit down, do some research, and map out your typical customer's journey including all points of contact between you and the customer. The journey a customer takes may be completely different if they are an existing customer versus a new customer so it is best to understand these differences so you can cater to your customers in a more personalized way. 

2.     Make Interactions Simple.

Once you've mapped out your various types of customer journeys, try to make every interaction with them as easy as possible. Customers want easy access to information so they can be informed, make decisions, and move on with their day. Are you explaining each process on your website, on the phone, and in person in a logical order and in a clear way? Make their time dealing with you as quick and helpful as possible.

3.     Be Prompt and Polite.

In our fast-paced world, responsiveness and efficiency are valued more than ever. With seemingly no less than one million things to do every day, your customer does not want to be held up by someone who isn’t paying attention to them, or even worse, someone who responds rudely when answering a customer inquiry. When customers reach out, be prompt with your replies and remember to smile!

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How do you work to create a close, loyal customer base at your company? Would love to hear your tips in the comments sections.

As always, thanks for reading!

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