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Sales Pipeline Management: 3 Warning Signs You’re Behind The Times

Posted on March 03, 2016 by Arleah Clark

Sales Pipeline Management

It's a great day to be an insurance agent. The sun is shining, you feel refreshed, and you have lined up some great appointments for the day. Traffic was light, and you arrive at your first appointment with plenty of time to spare. You reach for your leather portfolio on the passenger seat...and find your daughter's book bag instead. 

So much for the perfect sales day! Looks like you'll have to rely on your memory for this appointment, and possibly cancel an appointment so you can head home to retrieve your notes. 

Do the following three old-fashioned insurance sales tactics seem familiar?

1.  Your Prospect Data Lives in a Spreadsheet

When you're in the office, you are meticulous in how you document your prospect and client data in your spreadsheet. It has tabs, and filters, and colors. When you have your forecast meeting with your manager, you just send her the latest version. From your Google Drive. Or..was it OneDrive? 

No, it was that thumb drive which fell under the seat of your car when you had that lunch appointment on Friday. Oh well, you have another copy on your hard drive...right? It might be a few weeks old, but close enough. (Yikes) 

2. Your Padfolio is Your Insurance Sales Bible

Three years ago, you were the sales person of the quarter for Q2. You had a dinner in your honor, and received praise from management and your peers. You were awarded a beautiful black leather padfolio with your agency's logo and your name etched on it. It's fully equipped with:

-    Your business cards, in a neat line, separated from client cards you've collected
-    Policy sell sheets and application forms in plastic sleeves
-    Customer notes, divided meticulously by colored tab dividers
-    A picture of your kids and your spouse with the dog in the park (The Awwww Factor)
-    Some tooth marks from when your dog grabbed your padfolio, and ran across the park, leaving a trail of paper. (The        Farrrrleyyyyy! Factor)

Sure, paper record keeping is a bit dated, but it works! No battery to charge, you just can't let it out of your site. Ever. Better hope you never forget it. 

3. The Account Management System

If you have an an agency management system then I applaud you, you're far better off than anyone reading this who still uses paper. You have the ability to manage the back office, manage policies, and update your client contacts...but what about your prospects? Your opportunities? 

These management systems do what they were designed to do - manage accounts and policies really well - but trying to manage your prospects, leads, and opportunities is another story. You have a padfolio for prospect information; you might even keep prospects in an excel spreadsheet, but it's still a manual process and you keep forgetting to check back in with the leads you contacted last week...or was it two weeks ago? Once you sign prospects up for a policy, your administrator will add the client as a contact and an account. Then you can ring that gong in the boardroom in the sales meeting. 

Good times!


Do these scenarios, as silly as they seem, hit a little too close to home? There's still hope for your agency to adopt a comprehensive, innovative insurance sales automation solution, which manages the full lifecycle of prospect to contracted customer. We can help you protect your existing investment of many of your existing applications, and your producers will be more successful. 

Sound good? Let's talk!

Arleah Clark

Ms. Clark is member of Vertafore's inside sales team based out of the Bothell office. She has over 10 years of experience in the Insurance industry working for companies like State Farm, Kibble & Prentice, and Veracode. Ms. Clark's experience as a CSR, Producer, and Account manager makes her uniquely qualified when it comes to understanding the needs of her clients. Connect with her on LinkedIn here:




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