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Top 5 Reasons Why Agencies Replace Their Old Systems

Posted on October 09, 2015 by Chris Ries

As insurance agencies grow, their insurance agency management systems don’t always keep up with them. Slowly, often unnoticed, their technology becomes inefficient and outdated. The patchwork of systems and software that has grown along with their business is suddenly a blocker to future growth.

Many agencies rightly conclude that in order to keep growing, they need to modernize their insurance agency management system.

Top 5 reasons agencies replace insurance agency management systems

1.       Poor ROI – Price increases, poor technical and customer support, and decreasing efficiencies can force agencies to search for a solution that provides more value per dollar.

2.       Lack of support – Even the most innovative systems become obsolete. When vendors phase out support for outdated systems, change happens whether an agency likes it or not.

3.       Moving to the cloud – More and more agencies are moving their data to the cloud to increase security and ease of access, which often means upgrading their insurance agency management systems.

4.       Improving work practices Creating consistent workflows, a single location for customer information, and a permanent audit trail are essential for cost-conscious agencies.

5.       Focusing on their customers Many agencies switch to systems that allow them to spend more time on cross-selling and serving their customers.

Technology changes so quickly that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Investing in a full-featured, web-based insurance agency management system allows your agency to evolve with the pace of innovation and meet your customers’ demands.

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