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What is Desktop as a Service?

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Steven Finch

Technology offerings have matured to the point where even within our industry we can make use of new cloud offerings. The best example is the ability to economically and securely spin up a dedicated Windows desktop experience in the cloud. What's different about this offering that makes it very attractive for our space is the ability to move in-house applications into the cloud. There are still many applications within the insurance space that are not cloud-based. We still need to run office productivity apps, rating, access to carrier websites, and other software that needs to run on a PC that requires the existence of a dedicated Windows desktop experience. By hosting that in the cloud we remove the requirements for local hardware refreshes, we address security as well as virus protection, as well as run any required app that an agency needs.

The big thing is that because the term "cloud" is so overused, what makes peoples eyes light up is the big difference is that it's a Windows desktop experience in the cloud and you can run all of your desktop apps in the cloud. That's critical because you're going to need to run all your desktop apps for the forseeable future. That includes non-Vertafore applications like Applied Systems TAM. We have in-house TAM agencies running in the cloud using Vertafore's Desktop as a Service offering.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a new managed IT service offering from Vertafore that allows insurance organizations to deploy and access their entire desktop and server environments from the cloud. With Vertafore’s DaaS offering, your IT staff spends less time updating PCs and servers, and everyone in your organization can securely access all their applications from anywhere. DaaS removes technology concerns and allows your organization to focus on insurance.

Watch this short explainer video to learn more about Desktop as a Service.




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