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Do You Need an Insurance Agency Management System?

Posted on November 23, 2015 by Chris Ries

Agency Management System Tech

An insurance agency management system (or AMS) is a comprehensive, integrated IT solution that helps independent insurance agencies stay profitable and competitive in today’s demanding market. 

But does your agency actually need an AMS, or does your current system meet your needs? A comprehensive AMS will have the following features—how does yours stack up?

Agency Management System Critical Features

Customer search/view
Inquiries about billings, claims, etc.
Real-time insurance quotes
Cloud-based data storage 

Agency Management System Important Features

Alerts/activity notifications
Claims reporting
Carrier loss runs
Insurance-specific accounting
Integrated certificate distribution

Agency Management System Basic Features

Policy issue
Microsoft Outlook and Office integration
Remote access from any device
Automated database backup
Dedicated IT support

Is your agency lacking a few key capabilities? Are you missing important features that your competitors have and your customers expect? You may benefit from modernizing or acquiring an insurance agency management system that will help you work more efficiently, save money, and serve your customers better.

Learn more about how an insurance agency management system can help grow your business in the Agency Management System Buyer’s Guide, available free here.

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