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Customer Service: Gauging Customer Satisfaction

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Phyllis Gillman

These days, it might seem obvious when clients are extremely unhappy with the service you and your company have provided. The ability to review online and provide public feedback makes it easy for clients to voice their complaints. On the other hand, deciphering whether a client is pleased or even just neutral about the service you’ve provided can be a difficult task. 

Dealing with a challenging service situation or client? Download my checklist and hang it at your desk for those times when you need a reminder to breath and continue providing the kind of service that makes you shine as an employee and represent your company in a positive way. Here's a quick look at the checklist:

Customer Service Checklist

4 Easy Ways to Gather Client Feedback

If we don’t know how we’re making our customers feel and where we may have fallen short, how can we improve our customer service? The following methods have helped me improve my service skills and learn about my clients’ experiences so I can make them happier.  


As customer service representatives, we’re extremely busy. But slowing down and taking a couple minutes to really listen to our clients can reveal invaluable information about them and their needs. 

Often, we think we have to have all of the answers to our clients’ complaints right in the moment and we forget to just hear them out. Jot down their frustrations so you can revisit them with a clear mind, if necessary. Allowing your client to vent shows that you are attentive to them and empathetic to their problem, while providing you with details you’ll need to determine a resolution. 


Want to know how your clients’ feel about the service you and your company have provided? Ask. Sometimes it’s that simple. In addition to learning more about how you can improve, you’ll show your clients that you care about their experience. Ask them on the phone how their experience has been. 

Send clients (or prospective clients you’ve been in contact with, for that matter) a quick email asking how their experience has been. You can even create a short survey to send to clients following specific customer touchpoints.

Follow Up.

Even if you’re still working on finding a solution, let your client know you’ve not forgotten them and you’re working toward a resolution to their problem.  

Use the Feedback Your Receive.

You may begin to notice trends in the types of problems or complaints your clients have. Bring up common client problems to your team and brainstorm about ways you can catch problems that tend to happen more regularly before they become an issue for your clients. Some common questions or issues that your clients tend to experience can even be identified and addressed in an FAQ section on your website.  

Bonus tip: Prioritize

Dealing with a difficult client? Reach out to them as early in your day as possible instead of leaving them for the end of the day and dreading the conversation. By taking care of that customer first, you can highlight proactivity while getting tough conversations out of the way so you can move forward with your day in a positive way. 

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